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We are big fans of skirt steak here (although it is getting really quite pricey)! This was an excellent marinate and spice mixture that really enhanced the flavor of this cut. I made this exactly as posted, but did not cut it into 1-inch squares, but sliced it on an angle. In cooking this cut, it is better to cook medium to medium-well as stated; however, 4 minutes per side is really not long enough. Skirt steak is thicker on one end than the other, so one end will cook to well-done and the other end will still be medium to medium-rare. Be mindful of this. Thanks for sharing this delicious recipe. Made for Culinary Quest 2014.

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JackieOhNo! August 25, 2014

6/11/2013 It took a while to find skirt steak...this is my first time cooking it...I let mine marinade overnight...we really like the flavor but not the steak...I let mine cook for 6 minutes per side and got a nice crispy outside coating...but the steak was really tough and chewy...hubby only ate the outside edges of his squares...I think I will try the marinade on flank steak next time because it really is tasty... Update: 6/26/2013 I tried this with flank steak...my hubby loved it...(he didn't even know that it was the same recipe)...this time the meat was very tender but the flavor was still there...we really do enjoy the touch of heat from the red pepper flakes...this is now a keeper...=)

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teresas June 26, 2013

I really enjoyed this! Rich, juicy steak; bold flavors of vinegar, oregano, and chile; what's not to love! Normally, I cook my steak VERY rare, but for this cut, you really have to cook it through, or it's like chewing on a rubber band- tasty, but way to chewy. The smoky char you get on the edges of the steak makes it worth cooking for those extra few minutes. I marinated this for about 10 hours, and the flavors were wonderful. Made for ZWT7-Emerald City Shakers

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IngridH June 09, 2011
Argentina Skirt Steak - Matambre