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This is awesome! It's SO easy to throw together and SO delicious! Very refreshing! My husband really enjoyed it too. The tofu makes it surprisingly creamy, but way healthier than traditional ice cream. I will definitely make this again. I liked the other reviewer's idea of using those frozen Bacardi mixers---maybe the mojito flavor. You could even add a little rum or tequila (just for the flavor, of course :) ) Really, you could use any flavor of frozen juice concentrate. My mother-in-law makes grape ice cream using grape concentrate, and it's really good but not at all vegan. I could do my own version using this recipe as a starting point. In sum: a wonderful concept; thanks for posting. Reviewed for the Vegetarian Swap 8/08

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Prose August 08, 2008

Great stuff! Like an ice, a bit creamier but definitely not a sherbet. No one would suspect this contained tofu. It tastes like...well, it tastes like limeade concentrate or margarita mix. Very tart but addictive. The husband and kids just could not get enough of the stuff. I may try adding a touch of honey next time to cut the tartness a bit, but I may not. We'll definitely make this again and I'm thinking about trying one of the frozen Bacardi mixers, too, for a different flavor. Have been meaning to make this since it appeared in CL and am so glad I finally did. Thanks, Sharon, for posting!!

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LonghornMama February 07, 2006
Arctic Lime Freeze