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Tastes great and so bright and colorful too! We prepared this according to the recipe and everyone loved it, especially the kids--we'll make this one again.

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mericahowie November 26, 2008

I made this for my Thanksgiving Dinner and they were a big hit!!...so I'm told. I never got to try them other then a taste test! I did a few minor changes, but just with how I prepared, not the recipe itself. 1. I cooked the beans for a few minutes before adding the carrots as I wanted the carrots to also retain their crunch. 2. After placing in colander to drain, I used the same pot to heat the preserves, seasoning at that time. I added about a tsp of red wine also, to thin a bit more. 3. I returned the veggies to the pot, tossed to coat and then into the serving dish. My one small taste test was surely not enough, so I will make this again at X-mas time. Thanks sooo much for adding to my lovely dinner.

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Happy Harry #2 December 06, 2005
Apricot Glazed Green Beans