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This recipe made interesting use of the contest ingredients. It's thick like a milk shake. I added some honey as suggested in the introduction. As much as I love eating cashews, I think I would like this smoothie better without them. (I know, then it wouldn't have 5 contest ingredients!) I recommend freezing the apricots as recommended so your smoothie will be good and cold.

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GrandmaIsCooking March 06, 2005

Holy smoothie. This is like drinking dessert for breakfast, honestly! I used dried apricots and vanilla soymilk instead of the powdered milk and water, and- wow. Sooo sweetly scrumptious. Thanks for posting!

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White Rose Child September 24, 2008

Raisins in a smoothie ~ Who'd a thunkit! It took me a bit longer to put this all together, but I wanted the fruit soft so soaked both raisins & dried apricots in hot water for an hour, & by the time that was done, the water was room temp, so I used that water in place of the cold water & ice cubes! I also made a double batch, 'cause I wanted to see what the texture & taste was like right after mixing the ingredients {my first serving] AND the next morning when I had the last of it! This makes for a very tasty drink & I thoroughly enjoyed it! Many thanks! [Made & reviewed as a recipenapped bonus in Aus/NZ Recipe Swap #14, Mar 08]

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Sydney Mike March 25, 2008

Made this in my new Vita Mix. Easy to put together, very thick and fruity. The apricot flavor was a little strong. I think I would have liked it better with almond extract instead of the vanilla and maybe reducing the apricots and adding either pineapple or banana. Good creation!

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PaulaG March 08, 2005

While I would have never ever put these ingredients together on my own, I really enjoyed the taste of this smoothie! The mix of apricots and raisins made it almost taste pineappley (I know that sounds odd but I could have sworn I was eating pineapple while eating it). And the nuttiness of the cashews was really nice. As it sat out (while I rinsed the blender container) it got much thicker (probably from the dry milk). The texture to me was like that of a thin nut butter, not so much a smoothie. This is definitely something you need to eat with a spoon. Originally I was going to halve this but in the end I did not and I'm glad. 1/2 would definitely not be 1 serving, and the taste on this is very nice.

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ladypit February 18, 2005
Apricot, Cashew Smoothie