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With Mike's permission, I made a variation of this recipe using pears and dried peaches. I kept true otherwise and only made half a batch since there was just the two of us. The flavors are delicious and very intense. Swirling in your mouth you can distinctly taste the vanilla, pears, and peaches, yet they also combine very well. So, applesauce or pearsauce.... unlimited possibilities but really so much better than from a jar. I agree with the previous reviewer that adding sugar would tone down the slight bitterness, but it is still sweet enough without the added calories. Next year our fruit trees will yield crops and I will be canning this recipe for sure! Thanks for sharing the recipe, and for allowing the variation. :)

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2Bleu May 26, 2011

So maybe it was the types of apples I used (1 each Granny Smith, Jonagold, & Pink Lady) but I had to cook them at least 30 (or 40 - I lost track) minutes longer than specified in the recipe. Once they cooked down, though, they were fine! I was a little lazy when prepping the apples and only peeled the Pink Lady because the skin was waxed - I left the skins on the other two. I did add two tablespoons of sugar at the very end but didn't change anything else. I like chunky sauce so I used a potato masher not a processor. Thanks for posting!

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flower7 October 30, 2009
Apricot Applesauce (Jewish)