Applesauce With Cheddar Cheese and Toasted Almonds for 2

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 0 mins

A new twist on the curious apple pie with cheddar cheese dessert combination but this time for breakfast! I was expecting not to like this. Source: thekitchn.

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  1. Carefully warm applesauce in a sauce pan (applesauce can scorch easily due to its sugar content.) Figure approximately 1 cup applesauce per person.
  2. Meanwhile, slice the cheddar cheese into 1/4 inch cubes.
  3. Ladle the warm applesauce into bowls and immediately scatter the cheddar cubes and almonds on top. The cheese will begin to melt from the heat of the warmed applesauce.
  4. Also good as a topping on a bowl of steel cut oatmeal.
Most Helpful

What a delicious way to get my apple servings! This is a keeper. I microwaved the applesauce for 1 minute to avoid the whole scorching issue. The cheese looks like it isn't melted, but it was right on the cusp and just perfect. To toast the almonds, I put them in a dry skillet on med-high rangetop, stirring once in a while to make sure they didn't scorch. As soon as the crumbly bits got brown and a few slices golden, I took it off the heat. I left it in the pan for a few minutes, and many more of the slices turned golden. It only took a few minutes.

Debbie R. June 03, 2011