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This is very tasty! I did NOT make it as written, because I also came upon recipe "applesauce-cake-397636". Exact same ingredients in the same quantities, but the directions said simply "Mix." I appreciated the details with this posting, especially because I wanted to double it. I simply mixed all the wet ingredients together with the sugar, then added the blended dry ingredients. I wanted apple pieces in the cake, so I didn't do step 3 or 6 at all. And I did not double the butter, because there is so much other liquid in the cake. The resulting 9x13 cake is very heavy and wet; we love it! Delicious with Cool Whip! When I make again, I may reduce the apple cider for my own method.

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J-Lynn May 26, 2012

I made this as written except for substituting brown sugar for the white sugar. This is a delicious, moist, flavourful cake. We couldn't really taste the apples, maybe because of the brown sugar, but we still loved it. Next time,and we'll definitely be making it again, I'll try white sugar.

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Dreamer in Ontario February 02, 2008
Applesauce Snack Cake