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Awesome all the way around....flavor, heaviness, crispiness, ease... and I even reduced the sugar! Love 'em, and will be making them VERY often.

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cause4chubbyhubby October 04, 2009

I was really looking forward to these, but we were quite disappointed. I followed the recipe exactly, but the batter was really bland. I added a little nutmeg and allspice and some more cinnamon. The batter was very runny for donuts, but I hoped it would thicken up when chilled. When I tried to roll out the chilled dough, it was not really dough, but still thick batter. I couldn't make donuts because it wasn't thick enough. We made all donut holes, and they were extremely bland.

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hrfaretra October 04, 2009

These are great! The first cake donuts I have ever made that weren't hard as brick. Will totally do it again. The fam loved them!

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specialbekah May 06, 2009

These were delicious. Warm, slightly crispy on the outside, moist & chewy on the inside. Addictive.There are only three of us in the family, so we saved half of the dough in the fridge so we could have fresh made ones the next day. I see no reason why these would not keep even longer. They serve old fashioned apple sauce donuts at our annual Folk Life Festival. They've gotten kind of expensive..started out 25 cents per donut & now are 1.00 per donut! I won't have to fork out that kind of cash again because these taste just like them! Thanks for posting!!!

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Hannibal Homegirl March 30, 2008

These were excellent. I followed the recipe exactly. The chilling step is important. If you can't roll and cut these all at once, put the dough back in the fridge. It's hard to handle when it warms up. Stiff, cold dough is easier to work with. The dughnut holes were yummy. Don't fry too long--once they get to a light/med brown, take them out. (They're not bad overcooked--better for dunking, but you may not want a acrispy crunchy outside) So pay attention. The applesauce, cinnamon, and then the cinnamon sugar sprinkle is a nice switch from plain cake doughnuts. My daughter and husband loved these. excellent recipe, angie. Thanks for posting it!

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CheyenneAnn March 09, 2008

One word... YUMMMMMMM. These were soooo good. We will make them again.

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tweetyfan March 06, 2007
Applesauce Doughnuts/Donuts