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A delicious cookie... possibly addictive for people who like Heath bars. They were always smaller (hence cost more for less) when I was growing up... and I just kept on buying them! The origins of the recipe name JUST MIGHT be found in Minnesota: a cookie given out to those wearing an "I Voted" sticker who patronized Apple's Restaurant on election day!


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grantg January 26, 2011

These were outstanding cookies, thick, chewy, and the toffee added a bit of a crunch. The cookie dough is extremely heavy, so I'd suggest mixing the dough by hand, unless you own a heavy-duty mixer (if mixing the dough by hand, definitely use a very large mixing bowl)! I rolled the dough into balls the size of a golf ball. It took 16 minutes for the cookie bottoms to turn a light golden brown. I yielded 34 cookies (3-inches in diameter each). Thanks for sharing such a great cookie recipe!

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Linda's Kitch January 24, 2011

These were super tasty and surprisingly easy. My batter was easy to work with, and made a total of 36 cookies. They did take about 16 minutes to brown nicely. I will be making these again! Made for Best of 2008 Cookbooks Tag Game.

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JackieOhNo! March 30, 2009

De-lish! It's no wonder you'd beg for them. They are a huge hit around here & between DH & DS sneaking them off the hot cookie sheet & DH taking a bunch to work today, I barely had enough left to get a good photo this morning. My guess on the name is that the English Toffee represents our nation's beginning under British rule & then separating & forming the R & D's. Thanks for sharing this most awesome recipe, Jollymae! Made for Election Eats tag game, October 2008.

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**Tinkerbell** October 24, 2008

Yummy cookies! Not sure why they're called Election Day cookies, but no matter (my boss asked if the toffee chips were supposed to be the independents lol). While making them, I was a little worried that they would be dry because of all that flour, but my worries were completely unfounded. I used a cookie scoop to portion them, and they took about 11 minutes to bake (very lightly browned bottoms, still slightly soft on top). They were incredible while warm (aren't all chocolate chip cookies, though?), but they were still delicious and soft when cooled. I got about 4 dozen out of this batch, so they lasted almost three days, but they tasted just as good on day three as they did on day one. DH, who is definitely not the sweets eater in the house, was actually bummed when he realized that the cookies went to work with me for a party -- he had "tried" four cookies when I left them out to cool, and wanted more for dessert the next day. He NEVER cares when I make cookies, so these were THAT good lol! He actually asked me to make these again when I have a chance. I'd better not misplace this recipe, huh? :) Thanks so much for posting. Made for PAC Fall 08

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Muffin Goddess October 03, 2008

Excellent cookie! We love cookies and this cookie will now be one of our faves! I just made to take to a party today and I have all ready eaten 3 and this is just right after breakfast. My cookies baked in 13 1/2 minutes and I used an ice cream scoop. Taks Jollymae for this great recipe!

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happynana June 01, 2008
Apple's Restaurant Election Day Cookies