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My daughter asked me to make Applebee's 3 Cheese Chicken Penne so I was very happy when I found this recipe. She thought it was really similar except that I added (4 cloves because I LOVE garlic but my daughter doesn't) too much garlic so she didn't like my version as much but only because of the garlic. I gave it 5 stars because if I didn't add the extra garlic she would have liked it more. In the directions it didn't say where to add the garlic so I added it to the bruschetta. The other change I made was adding some extra pasta and baking it in a casserole dish @ 350 for 30 minutes. I layered everything as the recipe states. I will definitely make this again. Thanks for a great recipe!
NOTE: Made this again with less garlic and my son had the leftovers the next day and thought it was better than Applebee's! Thanks again - great recipe!

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JFitz May 22, 2011

Used to love this dish at Applebees, however the last time I ordered it the portion size was extremely small and there must have been a total of 2 ounces of chicken on it. I have made this dish using the recipe and it is outstanding. When it comes to pasta dishes I prefer the red gravy; I'm not a great lover of alfredo sauces. But this dish, with the bruschetta, garlic, marinated grilled chicken and cheeses is awesome. And although I have only made it for 2 people using the microwave, next time I intend to make a larger portion in a casserole dish.

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jsk68 July 30, 2015

When baking in the oven with a casserole dish do you cook the chick before or just add to the pasta and let it bake?

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cthompsonut July 31, 2013

This recipe was very close to the real deal! I had to improvise a bit and made my own homemade alfredo sauce with homemade heavy whipping cream. And I only had macaroni noodles instead of penne. Next time though. Thanks for the recipe!

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scttnxn March 24, 2013

So yummy!!!!!!! I baked this at 350 for 30 minutes and added sauteed mushrooms. The only thing I would change is to add more sauce.

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trishabays March 02, 2012
Applebee's Style 3 Cheese Chicken Penne