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WOW! This was the hugest success with my family on Thanksgiving that I had to pull it out again for Christmas dinner yesterday. The dish gets nothing but rave reviews. Unfortunately for me...there's yet to be leftovers!

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SweetPnut December 26, 2003

This was extremely good and well recieved. all the packaged ingredients I used were kosher for Passover. I still have some leftovers which are being saved for another lunch.

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Studentchef April 20, 2008

I have cooked sweet potatos in 100 different ways, fluffy mashed, praline-topped, crunchy-coated croquettes, you name it... trying to entice the family to enjoy them... and invariably everyone takes only the obligatory polite-bite, and i'm stuck with 3/4 of a casserole-dish of leftovers. Until now! At first i thought the presentation left a little something to be desired (my own fault, i used too big a pan and the slices looked somewhat randomly scattered, lying sadly in the sugar glaze. However, EVERYONE went back for seconds and just raved about how wonderful these were, how this was the first time they'd enjoyed sweet potatos. There were no leftovers. I'd made this at Thanksgiving and will be making it again for Christmas. Yummy recipe. And although it isn't exactly diet fare, it wasn't laden with cups of butter, sugar and/or or evaporated milk, as most yam casseroles seem to be. PS I used the orange "yams", not the pale yellow "sweet potatos". But i'm sure either would work well.

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incdeb December 24, 2003
Apple - Sweet Potato Bake