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Very nice way to make apple pie. I especially like it because there wasn't a worry of apples exuding too much liquid which can sometimes happen. I found though that the directions weren't very clear in section 3 where it indicates to pulse crackers with remaining sugar - all the sugar was used in step 1 (sugar mixed with apples). So I eyeballed a little less than 1/4 cup and added it to the animal crackers. Step 5 also needs to be clarified, where it indicates to add lemon juice to apple liquid mixture - wasn't sure if this was additional lemon juice or if it should be the 3 T. of lemon juice added to apples in step 4. The glaze mentions to add confectioners sugar, but the ingredients don't list it, so I guessed to the amount. I dotted cold butter onto apple mixture prior to placing top crust. All and all it came out very nice and flavorful and I and my family enjoyed it. It will definitely be made again. Thank you Motley Oklahoman for sharing. Made it for Spring PAC 2014.

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ForeverMama May 16, 2014
Apple Slab Pie