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The filling was splendid. I sub'd brandy (had no rum) and pecans (no walnuts). I also did not have phyllo and used spring roll wrappers. The wrappers would have been good, but one wrapper = 3 sheets of phyllo. So, I should have cut down on the wrappers. Despite my subs, the recipe was EXCELLENT.

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Frankenchef June 17, 2008

Excellent recipe! I didn't use nuts (allergies), but I'm sure with walnuts would be even better! I LOVED this recipe, was very easy to make. Thank you for posting it!

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AngelaSept October 24, 2007

I only used 1/2 cup of butter for this, instead of 1 pound. That's what I do for my other baklava recipe. We liked this very much - it is a wonderful recipe for apples. Although we do like the regular baklava a little better. I really liked Maeven6's idea to put the apples, walnuts, etc in the food processor. I did that also & loved how easy it was & how evenly cut it was. Made it just wonderful to spread on top of the phyllo sheets. This is much, much better than apple pie. Will be a recipe I use again in the future - I am excited to play around with it. Thank you very much for sharing!!

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Feej May 31, 2009

I love this recipe!! I made a few simple changes. I put the sliced peeled apples and walnuts into the processor with the sugar. Then into a bowl to add raisins, cinnamon and YES the rum!! Now Since I was serving this with a meat dish I used VCO coconut oil instead of butter for enriched health benefits...OMG, it worked wonderfully. So NO butter is needed. Perfection. I did a trick with the last sheets so I would have plenty to tuck. Email me and I will go into how.

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Maeven6 September 30, 2008
Apple Rum Baklava