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I thoroughly enjoyed this unique salad. I loved the contrast of the crunchy apples with the rich, pungent blue cheese. The dressing was very unusual but I enjoyed it. I whirled the dressing in my food processor and it turned a very pretty pink color with little red specks from the red onion.

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HeatherFeather March 27, 2003

Oh my goodness! This salad was awesome! I had to print out the recipe for everyone and my (diabetic) grandfather ate the remaining salas, right out of the bowl!! Fabulous! I made my own "Candied Pecans" by using 1 1/2 cups pecans, 2 tbsp margarine & 4-5 tbsp brown sugar in a skillet.

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Dannygirl January 29, 2005

This salad was fabulous! The combination of the salad ingredients is so, so delicious. I did use a different dressing, though. I made the dressing as stated in the recipe and it was about the consistency of apple sauce and not very tasty. So I started again and used 1/4 c apple juice, 1/4 cup olive oil (I think I'll cut that down a bit next time), juice and zest of a large lemon, dijon mustard, a tablespoon or two of honey, and about 1/4 -1/2 c chopped red onion. I put it in the processor. (I also put pieces of red onion in the salad itself)I'm rating the recipe 5 stars even though I modified the dressing a lot because the salad would still taste good with just about any dressing! The blue cheese didn't dominate the flavour like I thought it might. The combination of tart and sweet was wonderful! Barb, I think I just found my new favourite special occasion salad! Thank you!

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Paja October 19, 2003
Apple Romaine Salad