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OH MY!!!!!!!! I cannot believe how GREAT this turned out. I was soooo worried while I was preparing it. It does not say what size pan to use (I used 9 x 13 pyrex) and it did not say how many rolls you would get (although it says 6 servings, I got 15 rolls) or how to space them in the pan (I spaced them evenly...they were not really even touching each other). I was also worried because the syrup mixture seemed too thin and there seemed to be too much. BUT, my worries were for nothing :) This came out absolutely incredible. I used Gala apples and I only had to use 3, but that is the only thing I changed. I wasn't sure how much butter or cinnamon and sugar, but I just sprinkled and dabbed to my own tastes. While these baked, the syrup thickened perfectly and the rolls expanded to fill the dish. My husband and I both had one about 10 minutes after they came out of the oven and we were in heaven! Thank you so much...I will be making this often. I am going to try it with biscuit mix to see if I can save some time, but this is PERFECT as is! P.S Posting a picture for all to SEE how yummy these are...you'll have to make them to TASTE how yummy they are.

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Karen=^..^= September 30, 2002

This is an amazing recipe! The rolls turn out so soft and yummy with such a golden cripsy syrupy crust. YUM! Mmm, we could not stop eating these! :)
I made 1/4 the recipe, but used only half the quantities stated for the syrup as I dont like that much syrup on my rolls. It worked out nicely and was perfectly sweet for me that way.
Somehow I could only fit 1/2 apple into the rolls, but I guess that depends on what sort of apple you use.
Ill definitely make these again and I think they would also be beautiful with plums and cinnamon or peaches. The possibilites are endless.
THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this keeper with us, Sharon!
Made and reviewed for Aussie Swap #56 September 2011.

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Lalaloula September 03, 2011

I'd just like to say that I was really impressed be this recipe and the biscuit dough was to die for! I can't wait to make biscuits and gravy with it. Thanks !! Chef Roly Poly

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Chef Roly-Poly January 07, 2010

This was ok, but it was sure messy and a little involved to make. There was sticky filling leaking all over the counter while I was trying to roll this up and cut it. It doesn't cut very easy with the chunks of apple trying to fall out while you were cutting and tansporting to the pan. I didn't care for the contrast between the biscuits and the overly sweet filling. They were also rather messy to eat.

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Treenickel September 22, 2009

HOLY COW !! These were gone in no time, made for breakfast over the weekend. I did add a tad of brown sugar though. Personnal preference. Will sefinately repeat. Made for Zaar Stars.

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weekend cooker September 20, 2009

Fun to make cause I didn't know if I was doing it right. lol. It was fun trying to keep all the apple mixture inside, next time I wont spread it to the end. MMM Good. Made for ZWT4 the Chic Chefs.

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bigbadbrenda June 02, 2008

I thought they were ok. I didn't realize that it is a bisquit dough. Other than that they were really easy to make.

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isabellaclaussen September 15, 2007

Can't thank Sharon enough for this ! I had lots of apples to use up & the kids were bored with pie ! The crust was wonderful - crisp on top & scone-y below. I used butter instead of shortening & white sugar instead of brown !! didn't seem to matter - my teen gobbled it up the same day. I'd prob'ly use a little less sugar next time but that's a personal pref. The crust could evan be tried as a pie / pizza base. Keep going, Sharon !

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padmar137 August 29, 2006

Because I was alone, so i half the recipe...it was wonderful!! however, i did not pour the syrup to the top of the rolls, i left a little and i buttered the top....it turned out very crispy on the top, and soft at the bottom!!! i think it's even better than apple pies :) i recommand to finish them when they are still warm, if you wish to keep them longer, reduce some sugar.

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~Icy~ April 14, 2006

This was tasty and simple to make. I cooked the sugar and the water in a saucepan on the stove and let it thicken a bit. This took more than 5 minutes. I too, used a 9X13 glass baking dish and got 13 rolls. I poured the sugar syrup over the top of the rolls. As I also didn't know how much butter, cinnamon and sugar to use, I just uses common sense. I would suggest to Sharon123 that she go back and make the appropriate corrections to her recipe. It would make it much easier for other people. Thanks!:D

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CulinaryQueen November 28, 2005
Apple Roll