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A great way to use quince fruit and old apples. I had 3 apples and 3 quince in the fridge. The apples were a little wrinkled. Used lime zest & lime juice (all I had) for tartness & too keep fruit from browning. Used half brown sugar & half splenda for sweetening. Added a few cloves & a handful of golden raisen also. For the topping I used instant oatmeal, and chopped almonds & pecans for extra crunch. Bottom line, my wife thought it tasted "wonderful" but she couldn't figure out where I had gotten the fresh peaches. The quince turn a light yellow pink when cooked & my wife couldn't quite figure out the taste. If anyone has extra quince, try them in any number of recipes with apples - they are a marriage of naturals. I would recommend this recipe & will make it again.

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Chef 565650 Jim October 26, 2008

Fun experiance! Taste is very differant & delightful. However, I found the topping to be to skimmy so I doubled it. I also added a 1/4 cup of melted butter to the fruit before I put the topping on, as you would any fruit pie. It is easy to make and the quice is not to hard to peel if you use a vetgetable peeler. I also found the baking time to be to short. It took my oven an additional 30 minutes at 400 degrees. I would certainly make this again!

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Free2Bonsai November 08, 2006
Apple Quince Crisp