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I followed this recipe to the letter. I had a bunch of apples to use up and this was a very good way to use them. I baked one of them today and it was super good! And I have more all ready in the freezer for the winter. It was a bit of work all in one day, but really worth it! These taste great!! Thanks for the recipe Barbara!

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MizzNezz November 17, 2002

Yummy I love this recipe. I wanted to smother it over everything I make. Pancakes so yummy. If really freezes great, the pie was so good the family loved the nutmeg taste

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tyraider October 09, 2008

Thank for sharing. I like to fill my pies high with apples. I have an apple peeler, corer, and slicer so the apples slices cook down a lot so I need to add extra apples, so it only made 3 pies for me. I just wanted to let anyone know if they have never used their apple peeler for pies before. I was able to get everything done in about 2 hour’s total. Thanks Again

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Bea A Gal... October 29, 2007

I made this over the weekend. Perhaps my pastry dish is smaller, but there were enough apples for double the amount of pies! I still have a freezer full of apples I'll use at some stage. I baked one pie straight away and have put two in the freezer. Once the apples were picked, peeled and cored, this was actually really easy and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Hubby even commented that it might be the best apple pie he's ever had. Loved it and soon as I have some time I'll be making the rest of the apples in to pie so that I have a ready winter supply. Thanks for this superb recipe - 26 October - Just to add, the frozen pies were as perfect as the fresh one. I served among other deserts at my birthday party and it's the only one that was completely finished. Everyone loved it.

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Luschka October 26, 2007

I to make apple pie this way and they are great. I make 10 pie in one day. Yes it is alot of work. I have also make just the filling and I never seem to make the pies. So in the long run it is easier to make the whole pie. It is also great if you can find a friend to help out. LOL

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Terrylynn September 09, 2006
Apple Pies for the Freezer