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Made these this morning and they turned out FANTASTIC! I substituted peaches for apples, delicious. Next time I think I will double the filling...... maybe it was the peaches, but I only had enough to fill 4. I also did not have bread flour, so I used 3 cups of all purpose flour..... and they still turned out great! I am going to buy some bread flour for next time........ and trust me there will be a next time;)

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AmberPav July 23, 2011

Absolutely delicious! Worth every second of it! I love granny smith apples & pecans, so I used both of those options. The instructions are well written, but the brown sugar in the filling does not appear in the directions so when I realized it I threw it into the nearly cooked pan of apples. I don't think anything suffered from this late addition though. Made exactly as directed, but there is definitely a learning curve to rolling pretzels with filling. My first one was a total disaster & when I tried to cook it anyway it fell completely apart. My method for getting well-formed pretzels turned out to be simply putting the filling on the dough along the edge closest to me. Then I was able to begin rolling the dough up over the filling & then make at least one, sometimes two more, wraps to fully encase the filling. I am no stranger to tedious jobs, cooking or not, but I have to admit this was a little more work than I expected it to be. I think from start to finish it took me approximately 2-1/2 hours. I do make pretzels often but have never made any stuffed ones. In the future I will just double the batch & make a day of it, maybe try to freeze some, and I will cut the apples into smaller than eight pieces each. I also used my Pampered Chef Apple/Peeler, Corer/Slicer. Thanks for sharing, CobraLimes! Made & enjoyed for Fall 2009 PAC-O.

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**Tinkerbell** October 13, 2009

Amazing!! These turned out spectacularly well, and I was nervous because the finished rolled pretzels looked like my 3 year old did them. It didn't matter if there were thin spots in my dough, or if the filling started poking through. The second rise puffed the dough enough to cover. I did the granny smith filling sans pecans because they were way expensive here. I'd like to try them with, though. Yes, this was time consuming. But now that I've been through the rolling process, I can probably speed it up next time. Long baking processes like this are relaxing to me, so even if I knew I had to dedicate another entire morning to the process, I totally would. The finished product was perfect--they tasted like stuffed pretzels, not an apple pastry. The top and bottoms were crunchy, and the middles soft. Perfect! Thanks for posting!

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yellow_apple30 September 18, 2011

These were delicious! It took me a total of about 2½ hours, but I'm not fast at rolling pretzels and that was where I lost a lot of time. I had some apple pretzels a couple of years ago when I went apple picking and really wanted some again. These really hit the spot. Thank you!

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Scarlett516 April 27, 2008
Apple Pie Stuffed Soft Pretzels With Streusel