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This is a delicious treat! It's very creative and fun, and of course yummy. The combination of apples with the cinnamon crispas is wonderful. Made for Fall PAC 2008.

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Recipe Reader October 15, 2008

Great concept chef! Way to come up with a very different and exciting contest entry. I knew I would be short on time the evening I prepared this so I prepped as much as possible which allowed the dish to come together much quicker for me(did the measuring and chopping etc.. ahead) I apologize for the necessary deviation from your instructions. That was the only thing I did differently. Oh, I also forgot to add the pecans before I took the pic and the batteries were dead when I realized that. We rated this 4 stars as we have enjoyed sauteed apples such as these here that had a different measure of liquor/sugar/apples that we found very nice. Would have also liked to have some of the cinnamon sugar sprinkled over the top as a garnish as the cinnamon really was nice in this dish. Good luck to you chef! Great idea!

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Mama's Kitchen (Hope) August 26, 2007

This recipe was a huge hit with my family. Loved the sweetness from the flour tortillas sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. Then to top that a warm tender apple slice then a dollop of Cream. Mmmmm! This was *Delicious* ... Good Luck to you Chef, what a nice way to use the ingredients! Wish I had thought of it ;) ~V

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Vseward (Chef~V) August 25, 2007

Absolutely fabulous. Extrordinarily delicious, easy to make, and unusual enough to impress. The delicate texture of the crispas, the soft warmth of the apples, the cold sweetness of the whipped cream, and the crunch of the pecans was a perfect harmony of flavor and texture. My DH passionately dislikes Amaretto – even the smell makes him ill -- so I substituted Captain Morgan spiced rum because I thought it would go well with the apples and cinnamon and it did. The Amaretto could only be better. The directions are well-written and the steps well organized to get this dish made efficiently and right. I ended up with a lot of extra cinnamon sugar so I made extra crispas for the kids to have as snacks tomorrow.

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3KillerBs August 24, 2007

My husband called this, "the best dessert ever!" This looks beautiful and tastes divine. There are a few steps, but none of them are too complicated and it's well worth the effort. Next time I will double the fruit mixture for sure. Thanks for sharing!

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pattikay in L.A. August 24, 2007

Very creative contest entry! The entire family, except me, thought they were too sweet, but i thought they were perfect...I do love things sweet! If I made these again I would not sugar the tortillas after frying, maybe just sprinkle a touch of cinnamon and I would cut the sugar in the whip cream. Again, I thought it was perfect as is but some of the family couldn't finish their servings...so I ate them, lol!

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* Pamela * August 24, 2007
Apple Pie Nachos