Apple Pie in a Bottle

READY IN: 5mins
Recipe by Julesong

Here's a drink that's great to take on camping trips with good friends, perfect for sharing around the campfire. This is my own recipe that we take to SCA camping events in the Pacific Northwest (other folks have their "secret" recipes they don't share). You know you have good Apple Pie when you take a sip and you can even taste the crust. :) You don't want to miss out on this one!

Top Review by Steingrim

This drink both tastes great and packs quite a punch. We like being able to share it with our friends and they love drinking it. Some people like the Apple Pie better than the Blueberry Cobbler and some people vise versa. Try them both to find out for yourself.

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  1. Mix together liquid ingredients; stir in apple pie spice.
  2. Pour into a 32 oz bottle, add the cinnamon sticks, and refrigerate for at least a week before serving. (We often just store it in our cool garage, which works fine.).
  3. Apple Pie is a group drink, often shared straight out of the bottle with folks all sitting around the campfire.
  4. Notes: if you'd like your apple pie somewhat less sweet, add some more organic cider and/or regular apple cider to it, to taste. Also, you can use regular apple cider for the entire amount rather than organic, if you need to, but the organic has a different flavor and a much different "mouth feel" because it has more pulp in it. Get and use the organic, if you can.
  5. Note #2: Absolut Red Label has gotten more difficult to find these days. Try to use higher proof vodka if you can, but if the Red Label is too expensive or unavailable, you can substitute another equal quality high proof vodka. Potato vodka can also be used, but check the taste before using to make sure it's something you like the taste of and that it's not too sweet for you. Higher proof is generally drier in taste.

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