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Simply wonderful! So easy to prepare and soooooooo delicious! Mmm, the cloves and cinnamon add a wonderful warm touch and are the perfect addition to this fruity filling. Mmmm!
I actually used the filling in an apple tiramisu, which turned out really, really great and I think its all thanks to your wonderful apple recipe. I will use this for all my pie fillings and applesauces from now on, theres none I have liked better.
THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this wonderful, wonderful recipe with us, Pat!
Made and reviewed for WTTM Tag February 2011.

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Lalaloula February 17, 2011

I made the filling only, as I already had some pastry to use up. I followed recipe exactly (well nearly) One exception I did the apples in the microwave. I did use golden delicious apples which are a little tart to start with. Now here is where it gets tricky......... DH is diabetic, and so I placed half of the apples (as per recipe) on one half of the pie, the other half I added sugar to the apples before putting them into the pie....... this was for the rest of the family. So ........... It is hard to rate this recipe. DH enjoyed his a lot, but he did say it needed some ice-cream with it! The rest of the family loved there half...ME I had a little of bith sides, and yes the sugarless side was very bland and not sweet at all, but the other side was delicious, and the extra sugar was what it needed. BUT the main thing is, DH who isn't used to much sugar loved his and the others loved theirs and they also had it with ice=cream. Pat I think this is a great recipe with wonderful flavours and spices for a diiabetic and if you are not diabetic then maybe add some sugar for a little extra sweetness! OR do my trick to suit everyone, ( Yes.....I really need to get a life.) lol So with all that long winded story everyone enjoyed their share here, and I guess all I can say is ......Whateva floats ya boat, with this recipe....lol Thanks Pat, we loved it!

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Tisme June 18, 2010

Pat - this was GREAT! Spiced and NOT too sweet, which is the way I like it! I am awarding stars now, based on me tasting this straight out of the saucepan, I have yet to make a pie with it!! When I do, I will come back and add more notes. I used Pink Lady apples and left the skin on for added crunch and colour.Made for Holiday Tag, merci encore ma leeetle sweet pea! FT:-) Edited to add - I used this pie filling as a topping for a baked sponge pudding, it was great, as the apples were still whole pieces and not mush! We liked the spicy flavour and the fact that this recipe has no sugar in it. 19/03/2009

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French Tart March 19, 2009

I liked this but didn't think the flavour was intense enough. Tated a bit 'watery' The recipe didn't say what kind of apples so I used Golden Delicious. I'm from the Caribbean so I am not very knowlegable about apples, maybe a different variety would have given a sweeter filling.

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WizzyTheStick February 14, 2007

I loved the fact that this contained no added sugar which I try to avoid. I liked the spices! I used mainly Macintosh apples and it turned into apple sauce almost immediately after I decided to covered it. I was not sure if I was supposed to but apple sauce was just fine as I used it in and on Wicklewood's Cinnamon and Apple Quinoa also tasted it alone and it was good, but I am used to healthy tasting recipes. I used freshly squeezed lemon juice. I would make this as apple sauce or otherwise again. Made for ALMOST 5 GAME.

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UmmBinat September 29, 2011
Apple Pie Filling