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I had 10 people stay overnight, so I needed something to feed the masses that didn't require me slaving away in the kitchen in the morning. This was great! I had to prep the apples and pears before they came over, so i cut everything up and dumped the cider and lemon juice over it. Then, I froze it. The next evening, I dumped the frozen cube in the crock pot and went to bed. In the morning...deliciousness.

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cabohny February 08, 2009

Fabulous, I was taking to a church brunch so I added a little more fruit (my crock pot wasn't big enough to double the fruit) I did double the apple cidar, spices and butter. Used the regular amount of sugar and just poured the granola cereal over the top. Served with Whipped topping. Great reviews from all attending the brunch.

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Sheila (Glasgow, MT) April 05, 2011

This is a delicious cobbler! Make sure to spray down the inside well and you won't have to worry about it burning and sticking to the sides. Mine cooked on low for 9 hours. The fruit was so tender and the top was superb. I put the spices, sugar, flour, and cider in a large mixing bowl (didn't have a jar handy), mixed it up thoroughly with a fork until there were no clumps, and the coated the fruit in there. It was a little sweet so next time I might cut back on the brown sugar a little and put only the fruit in the crock pot withouth the remaining sugary coating. Will definately make again!!

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SaturdaysDinner August 11, 2010

My family LOVED this cobbler! I used a large capacity slow cooker and tripled the recipe, and it turned out wonderfully. I got all the ingredients ready the night before and it was so easy to dump it all in and have a delicious dessert a few hours later. I'll definitely make it again and have already been asked for the recipe by one of our dinner guests. :o) (I agree with a previous reviewer that 6-8 hours is far too long, however. My crock pot cooks very hot, and 4 hours was plenty.)

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worldmom September 20, 2009

This is a really good recipe. I made this New Years Eve when we had people stay over night. I assembled everything except the granola (and did not have lemon juice so I used orange juice). At 1:00 am when heading off to bed, I dumped the granola over the top turned the Crock Pot on low and woke up at 8 am to this wonderful breakfast "desert". It was slightly sweet for our taste, so next time I would half the sugar used - but that is personal preference. We also greatly enjoyed it with ice-cream the next day as a desert after dinner. Thanks so much for posting this recipe!!!

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Ms Delicious Dish February 06, 2008

I made this and it was inedible. It was burnt after 7 hours on low. I would recommend 4 to 5 hours on low. Sorry.

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bbusymom January 22, 2008
Apple Pear Breakfast Cobbler for the Crock Pot