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These pancakes are heavenly, and it's all thanks to the syrup! As soon as I smelled the aroma of the amaretto wafting through the kitchen, I knew I was in for a treat. I made the pancakes using "soy buttermilk" and used McIntosh apples in the syrup because I had a lot on hand. My mom and I had this for dinner tonight, and we both loved it. We felt like we were in a trendy restaurant. I can't wait to try the syrup on other things as well. Thanks for another keeper, Rita!

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Kree September 16, 2003

My faimily enjoyed these pancakes so much that my DD took the recipe home with her so she could make them for her DH and kids. These will be my Easter breakfast specialty this year!

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Recipe Maven March 24, 2011

We really enjoyed the topping on these. Because DH is diabetic I made some changes. I made seperate syrups, one with sugar free, one with regular. For his I added a little melted butter and the rest in a tiny casserole pot, and for mine I followed the recipe after adding it to the nut pan, and after cooking it a bit I put it in another tiny casserole becuase I had cut back on the quantity using about 1/4 cup syrup each at most and it was cooking down too fast. I 'm thinking my quantity of Amaretto was higher then the recipes - I just poured: ) I sauted the apples seperately with butter, spices and more Amaretto and a little water. This allowed both of us to enjoy them with our syrups, and I know for me if I had cooked the apples in the syrup it might have been too sweet. We both like that the syrup was sweet with out being edgy - sicky sweet, I don't know if it's the butter or liquor that mellows it, but it's delish! We found the cake part of the pancakes to be a bit dry and rather bland, so I added a little extra sugar, more spice along with some nutmeg and vanilla, this helped except for the dryness, I think a little more butter in the batter would help or maybe grating the apples instead of dicing. This half recipe made at least 3 servings of pancakes but just 2 on the apples, so I would increase them a little. Thanks for sharing Rita, we'll be making these again! Made by one of the Unrulies Under the Influence for ZWT6

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momaphet June 05, 2010

Divine! Next to the coconut pancakes at a Hawaiian coffee shop, these are the best pancakes I've ever tasted. Half a recipe made 9 four or five inch pancakes. I ladled the syrup on top of each pancake as in a Napolean. These are company good. Thanks, Rita. You are some cook.

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judiemeador November 02, 2008

"Heavenly" is a GREAT description for this recipe--especially the syrup! I made exactly as called for (except I didn't use enough apples in the syrup--bummer)and there were many satisfied "mmm's" and "ahhhh's" emanating from smiling faces around the breakfast table. I also heard, "Mom, you should make this again!" Definitely a keeper! This would also be a great syrup to use for one of those overnight French toast breakfast casseroles. Made for *Photo Swap January 2008"

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Debber January 17, 2008

Oh, yum. I was in heaven. What a wonderful start to my day. I even splurged and used real maple syrup. Served with real whipped cream on the side as well as scrambled eggs and bacon that my Uncle himself cured. Zaar World Tour 05

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Amis September 16, 2005
Apple Pancakes with Amaretto Pecan Syrup