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There are two major problems with this recipe that I didn't discover until I had prepared the majority of the ingredients. The size of the baking vessel is not given and there is no temperature posted. This definitely caused me problems. After discovering that a 9 x 12 pan was too big, I switched to a 10 x 7 glass baking dish. Because I had to guess on the oven temperature I baked at 350 degrees. After 40 minutes it was definitely not done since not even the sugars were melted. I baked for 15 min more. Still not done. I baked again for another 15 min and then in desperation removed it from the oven. It tasted okay but was quite dry and not moist at all. (most likely from the long bake) It didn't burn however. I think if I were to make it again the posting chef would definitely have to change the recipe to reflect the lacking information. Made for PAC Spring 2014.

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CarrolJ May 23, 2014
Apple Oat Crisp