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Very yummy. The dough wasn't anything spectacular but I liked the filling. I may try other dough recipes for it though. I did not peel the apples since they were organic and I think that added some character to it. *One important tip: On step 5 I melted the butter and also stirred in the apple butter and let it simmer. Wrong! The mixture was runny like a syrup and when I put it on the dough it wouldn't stay there as I rolled the dough up. I ended up pouring the excess over the pan. Next time I will just use softened butter and cream the ingredients together, maybe saving out the apples to just sprinkle on the dough before rolling. Without the icing these are 500 calories each so keep that in mind! I cut mine into 20 pieces but that was still 300 cals. Bummer!

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Chef Tweaker October 07, 2008
Apple Harvest Cinnamon Rolls