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oh, this is good! Apple and ginger together, perfect. I made it as posted and it was lovely. Thank you!

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Barefoot Beachcomber December 16, 2002

I love scones and have tried a number of recipes, but these are the best so far. They have a wonderful crust that's rich and buttery, and the inside is tender and moist. I used Granny Smith apples and didn't change anything about the recipe. I stuck an apple slice in the top of each triangle before baking, and drizzled the cooled scones with a thin icing made from confectioners sugar and a bit of milk. They are absolutely "to die for".

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sadielady August 29, 2003

Even though I didn't love the ginger as much as I thought I would at first, I do love these scones. I've never had a scone before and I expected them to be dry. These were nice and soft. I have made these again and again. Oh, and I use 1/2 whole wheat flour and the taste and texture is still wonderful. The only other thing I do is to spray and 8 inch cake pan and press the dough into the pan before turning it out onto the cookie sheet and cutting it into 8. I simply find that this is less of a mess and helps me to shape the scones a little more easily.

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PaNik August 24, 2012

I loved this -- as I do all of YOUR recipes. I can almost guarantee that if you posted it, I and my family and any friends I share with will be happy. I had to substitute 2T fresh ginger and I exchanged 1/4 c flour with whole wheat and sneaked in 1T flax seed flour for some extra punch (I normally don't make changes on first try, but this recipe sounded like it would stand up to it). My kids gobbled them up, my daughter's sleepover guest LOVED it, and my husband was upset I didn't make more! Can't wait to use up more apples this way, which is how I found the recipe. Thanks!

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Chef AprilAllYear November 15, 2011

My oh my! These scones were absolutely the best. I have tried many scone recipes, but your recipe is just wonderful. Scrumptious!

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hannahamil October 20, 2010

These were delicious! I didn't realize the lemon zest was for the glaze...so that went into the scone, still delicious. I used about 1/4 of a large fuji apple, diced into pieces the size of small pebbles. I chose not to glaze them, instead I painted them with egg white and sprinkled a little sugar on top. A wonderful fall morning treat!

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Kim S. November 07, 2009

Thank you, Karen! These were marvellous...and yes, they do freeze well. I substituted whole wheat flour for half the white, brown sugar for the white and 10% cream for the 35%. I used my pizza wheel to cut the dough into triangles and baked it for 24 minutes...golden brown! Next time I make them, I will probably add a bit more ginger (the 1/4c was equal to about 4 slices of crystallized ginger, I'll add 6 next time). Also, if you use parchment paper instead of cooking spray, you'll have no problem removing the scones from the pan. I thought about omitting the lemon glaze but I'm glad I didn't...nice touch. Thank's Karen for starting me on a love affair with scones! M&Mers Sorry Karen! I forgot to hit the 5 star button and editing doesn't allow me to do it! Definitely 5! M&Mers

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M&Mers February 01, 2007

These have a great, complicated flavor. I had some trouble with quantities though - I had to add another half cup of flour to get the dough to the right texture. Once I'd done that, they turned out very tasty. I just baked them on a non-stick pan, no spray or anything, and had no problems with them sticking.

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Alanna Dean February 18, 2006

These are a great easy scone recipe. I didn't have a lemon so substituted an orange for the zest and juice. It came out wonderfully.

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Debby H January 17, 2005

These were great! We love scones around here and this recipe was a very nice variation on the traditional ones that we serve with jam. We had them as an after school snack and only one left over, but it reheated nicely for a nightime snack for me. I will be making these often.

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~Dragonflyjoy~ November 08, 2004
Apple-Ginger Scones