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These were DELICIOUS! I did two batches, one with the recipe as is, and the other i tweaked a bit.
for the tweaked version, i substituted splenda for sugar in the fritters, added a teaspoon of ginger, and instead of cider, i used spiced cider mix from a packet, reconstituted with Riesling. I also crumbled a bit of bacon on top.
both versions are amazing, and even better the next morning. I'm doing a batch for friends this weekend, and i want to add a little candied ginger to the fritters, and melt Brown sugar with sweet cream butter and cider- cider caramel!
for the original recipe, I added about half a teaspoon of lemon juice to the glaze, and the lemon juice REALLY brought out the brightness of the granny smiths.
i also fried them in coconut oil rather than peanut oil.

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BlaqKitten October 04, 2012

Absolutely divine! I followed the recipe exact, with one exception. My supermarket did not have any apple cider, instead I used Simply Apple brand juice and it came out delicious! I highly recommend this recipe to anyone that enjoys apple fritters.

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Phildon J. December 30, 2013

Wonderful! Followed the recipe exactly. We did end up frying for a minute or so longer than directed to make sure interior was fully cooked. We probably didn't get them as flat as the directions called for...we are making a second batch now for my husband to take to work tomorrow.

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Little Suzy Homemaker May 18, 2014
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