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It really does taste like my favorite donut, an apple fritter. Super sweet. Some suggestions: 1) Double up on the apple filling. The ingredients as stated (just 1 cup of sliced apples) did not even nearly cover the top of the 9" x 13" pan. When I saw that the filling was so sparse, I stopped and made another batch of the filling before proceeding with the recipe.<br/>2) Check the cake for doneness at 30 minutes. Mine was done at that time.<br/>3) Drizzle the milk in the glaze. You probably won't need all 6 tablespoons of milk. <br/>'<br/>'I really like this cake. I think you'll be happy with it also.

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Marie Nixon July 20, 2013

This cake is a little bit time consuming but absolutely worth it and delicious! I took the advice of the other reviewer and doubled the ingredients for just the filling portion. It absolutely wouldn't have been enough if not doubled. I Will definitely make this again.

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lorriparker11 October 27, 2015
Apple Fritter Cake