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Awesome recipe. Easy to assemble the night before and bake in the morning. I used Granny Smith's because that's all I had on hand and it was still terrific. By the way, the smell was incredible while it was baking. Thanks for posting.

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Bogey'sMom June 24, 2002

Thanks for a great recipe! Easy preparation the night before. I used 6 slices of Texas Toast, and the slices (with crusts) fit perfect in the 13x9 dish. I also used Gala apples, since I couldn't find Cortland or Empire.

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TheDancingCook August 19, 2002

I made this to have for my husband, kids father and my dad for fathers day....I made a little the day before to make sure it would come out ok. This one is a keeper, my son wants me to make it again for breakfast next weekend.

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janice in florida June 17, 2002

The bread was boring and didn't add much flavor. Maybe it needs to be buttered... and we think pecans or walnuts added to the apple mixture would jazz it up. We also discovered it takes an expert to correctly flip it out of the pan. Have a rag ready to clean up the stove. Great for a cold winter morning.

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Guava G. October 04, 2002

It was very good! I didnt put it in the fridge over night and it still turned out amazing.

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nclpalacios August 25, 2010

We loved this! I've been trying to find a good overnight french toast-type casserole. Since we all love apples and cinnamon, this seemed an obvious choice. It was so yummy! Not to mention that it looks so pretty when you invert it onto a cake plate. The bread firms up nicely, and you can hardly taste the egg mixture at all. My favorite parts were actually the crusts of the bread, since they had a chewier texture to them. The butter/brown sugar doesn't carmelize as strongly as many of the other recipes have, which was a nice change. It kept the sugary flavor from being too overpowering. I used Granny Smith apples, and they worked perfectly.

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Luv2Cook/Hate2Clean:) May 31, 2010

I made this last summer to bring to a cottage weekend. I made the apples ahead of time and put them in the casserole dish with the bread. I brought the eggs, milk (with vanilla) seperately. Before we went to bed on the Friday night, I beat the eggs and poured the mixture over the bread and it was ready to go in the morning. It was a big hit.

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Sandra E. May 13, 2010

Wow! This is divine! Getting up at 4:00 a.m. plus breakfast are two things I can not coordinate, but with this recipe, I can now have a delightful, warm breakfast in the early morning hours. I cut the recipe in half, due to family size, but I should have made the full recipe. It was even the same delicious meal for the second morning when I reheated the left-overs for breakfast. Make sure you place your spatula under the apples, turn over your plate, and then flip the plate and spatula simultaneously. The apples need to be on top when eating this. Yes, you will want to make this again and again. Also, make sure that you slice the apples (I liked using Granny Smith) very, very thin. That way, the apples will be tender and not so crunchy. My apples were sliced paper-thin and I am happy that I followed that procedure. Thanks, Terri F., for a simple, fantastic way to return elegance and taste to breakfast!

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Lutie February 12, 2008

Wonderful! So easy to prepare, delicious and beautiful to serve on a platter! I used Granny Smith Apples and french bread, otherwise, prepared as directed. Served with real Canadian Maple Syrup. Prepared this for Christmas morning with Inez's Breakfast Casserole. I could not have selected two better recipes! Thanks so much Terri!

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Bev December 25, 2002

Thank you for sharing this recipe, I have just placed it to set in the refrigerator overnight. I wasn't familiar with Granny Smith on my side of the world and assumed it was for RED apples. It was not until just now that I read past some of the comments in excitement... and was dismayed to find that this recipe uses GREEN apples....I think it might be helpful for noobs like me around the world if this would have been mentioned in the ingredients list. Nonetheless... still hopeful for tomorrow when it's all baked !!

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ZZZ17 March 11, 2013
Apple French Toast Casserole