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I wish I could give this recipe 10 stars! The other apple pie recipes I have tried, where the filling is cooked inside the pie crust, always seem to be either too dry or too runny. Not a problem with this recipe. This apple pie has a rich tasting, thick, creamy filling that clings to the apples within each slice. I had 10 Granny Smith apples to use, which came to 9 cups of apple slices. I doubled all the ingredients but did add an extra 1/2 cup of sugar (1 1/2 cups total) because these apples were very tart. I also added an extra teaspoon of cinnamon (2 teaspoons total). I used a total of 8 tablespoons cornstarch for doubling this recipe. Instead of apple juice, I used apple cider heated in the microwave until very hot. IMO, the apple cider/juice is what really puts this recipe over the top above others. After the filling thickened, I separated it into two 4-cup containers. After cooling, I used 4 cups for my pie and froze the other for later use. At 425° this pie cooks quickly and I had to use foil to cover the edges of the crust after the first 10 minutes when I moved it to the center rack. Be sure to cut air vents/slits on your top crust because this filling will bubble up. The bottom crust was perfectly done and the top was golden brown after another 20 minutes in the oven. This is the best apple pie I have ever made and my dh gave it a big "thumbs up". Dorel, thanks so much for sharing this recipe.

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Susie in Texas January 15, 2005

I just made this tonight using a combo of Macintosh and Cortland apples. I used less sugar than listed, and that was a mistake; very sour. The texture was good with only 2 tbs cornstarch. It was a little oozie, which we enjoyed. I made 12 mini pies in a cupcake tin with cookie cutter stars on top. Thirty minutes on 375, turning half way. I had enough leftover to make a pot pie size one as well. Will definitely make again!

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lovelysoulthief October 11, 2012

Great recipe. I made it as is and it turned out great.I used Macs and they are quite sweet but also added 2 tbsp. of concentrated lemon juice which worked nice together. This one is a keeper. With some tweeking I should be able to use this one for apple squares as well.

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zzzdreamerzzz April 24, 2011

Very easy and yummy. Too much nutmeg for my personal taste but now I know to reduce that next time. Thanks for the recipe :)

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hwright4 October 03, 2010

This is an excellent recipe, very easy and good. The apples I used were a little too sweet, but that's obviously not the recipe's fault. I will try again with tart apples next time. Thanks for posting!

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Chocolatl October 03, 2010

This is still cooling but I can already tell (and I sampled before baking) that this is how I will fill my apple pies from now on. Hadn't thought about dicing the apples and I liked how they filled the pie shell and I won't have to deal with cutting through wedges of apples. I was looking for a recipe that was easy and wouldn't have a runny filling and this is terrific. Homemade traditional flavors but thick like a canned apple pie filling. I used 2 large Granny Smith, 2 medium Gala and one med Honey Crisp. Next time only 4 medium apples:lol: I used cider since I had it from Thanksgiving and it is awesome! Also added some lemon zest since I had the fresh lemon for the juice. Super thrilled to have found this recipe--didn't occur to me to cook the filling first! I tend to burn pies too so this will cut the bake time (aka burn time for me) down too. Serving at the company Christmas dinner tomorrow w/ Vanilla Bean ice cream (the fancy stuff) and NY Sharp Cheddar w/ my piece:) Thanks so much!!!

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dmac085 December 15, 2009

I used this recipe for apple turnovers. Making this filling was easy and fast, and it resulted in a great product! I kept out the lemon juice because I dont like the tartness of it and it still came out tasty. Thanks for the great easy as 1-2-3 recipe!

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Chef Opps August 21, 2009

Even though I feel I make a good apple pie, my husband always felt there was something missing. Well, he grew up on Mrs. Smith's apple pie's and I realized it was the sticky filling he was missing. When I stumbled across this recipe, I knew I had to give it a shot. Guess what?!?! This was a HUGE hit in my house. So, if you have loved ones that like that sticky, gooey, yummy filling along with the apples, this is your filling! Needless to say, this will become a staple in our home. Thanks for submitting!

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Carrie in Indiana February 27, 2007

AWESOME!!! I can not say enough about how great this recipe is. I especially am really grateful about how you stated to use the amount of sugar according to how sweet your apples are. I used gala apples which are very sweet and used 1/4 cup of sugar and it was perfect! Thank you so much for such an easy, time saving, delicious recipe!!!

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cpookster919 November 26, 2015

Decent flavor but tex too syrupy. Added almost 6T cornstarch and doubled cinnamon.

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Dr.Noit Awl October 10, 2015
Apple Filling for Pies