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What an absolutely wonderful cake! Each mouthful is different; one mouthful you might get choc. chips and cherries, another, raisins and nuts, and always apple. The varied fruit/nuts/chips combo works really well together. I used two large Granny Smith apples and increased all the rest of the fruit/nut/chips to 1/3 cup each as I was just too lazy to get out my 1/4 cup measure. I don't think the cake suffered for my increasing these ingredients and I didn't have a problem with the cake overflowing my bundt pan. I took the cake to work and everybody loved it! This is a great, reliable and delightful cake which I will definitely make again!

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Boxerwing January 23, 2004

This IS a different, and a very good, cake! Used the ingredient amounts as listed, and used pecans. It's exactly as Boxerwing described. Took 75 min to bake in my slow oven. We thought it was good the day I baked it, but after an overnight wrap, it was WONDERFUL! Next time I will use walnuts for better contrast to the other flavors. I will make this again but it probably won't go into the "regular rotation" because of the time to chop, mix and then bake for more than an hour. But I DO recommend this! Thanks for posting!

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Kat in Texas February 08, 2004

Awesome cake! All the different components makes it an adventure. And it gets better with every day. I added a chocolate glaze as it was meant for a Birthday. Added amazing shine to it and everyone loved it. Wished it lasted longer. <br/>Will be one of my favorite cakes to make.

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eva22eva March 27, 2013

Was a nice moist cake, unfortunately the cherries I had planned to use had turned to vinegar so I just added some extra nuts and such. Was nice with tea/coffee after (one of!) the festive meals during the last few days of Rosh hashana Thanks and a happy new year!

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becki in Israel September 15, 2007

Wow! Made this for Rosh Hashanah lunch and there was only a small piece leftover. This was so easy to make. I did use 1/3 C of raisins, chips and cherries. The apples were MacIntosh and the nuts were walnuts. I know this will be made again!

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Ducky September 22, 2004
Apple Everything Cake