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Ahh...Mizz Nez, I am so glad you shared this wonderful cake recipe. It is really so good!! The cake does remind me of apple dumplings without all of the work of making them. I actually shared this with my brother because he loves apple dumplings so much. He gave it a 5 thumbs up, and asked me to give the recipe to my SIL. So, I guess they will be making it again, and so will I. Thanks for sharing this one out of your millions of great recipes! :-)

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Miss Annie October 08, 2002

I had a craving for a good apple dessert. Your cake was very delicious and exactly what I was looking for. It does taste a lot like apple dumplings without all the bother. My husband and I got a yummy in our tummy feeling. I am planning on making this again for Thanksgiving Eve, when all my family will start showing up for the holidays. Thank-you Inez.

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Natalie Z November 11, 2002

This is the exact same recipe listed in my 1980 Pillsbury Sweet Success book!
which even has a picture of it. Should resemble an upside down cake. I also make it tad different to cut calories some. I used yellow cake mix, 1 tspn cinnamon, 1/8 tspn cloves, 1/8 tspn nutmeg, I only used 1/4 cup water 1/4 cup butter and put in 1/2 cup applesauce.

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netabuddie February 05, 2011

Very nice Fall snack. Fast to make and satisfying. Served with whipped topping and that balanced it out nicely.

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enigma535 October 13, 2008

This turned out pretty well. It is a bit on the sweet side, but the suggested whipped cream balances that nicely. I was a bit confused over the brown sugar/water step. Being in a hurry, I just brought it to boiling, took it off the heat, and dumped it over the cake. It was only as I was actually pouring that I realized I might have needed to let it become syrupy first. The recipe doesn't make that clear, and I still don't know. I only used about half of the mixture, because I had used a decorative pan that was slightly smaller than 9X13, and it was already quite full. I think I will wait until Autumn (this really wasn't what we were wanting right now!LOL) and try again with the correct size pan. I am hoping in the meantime to get some guidance on that sugar/water step.

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evewitch July 02, 2005

wow, this was really delicious. another cake that i took to work. my residents in assisted living are turning into little piggies and pout if i don't bring in goodies at least twice a week. there was not a crumb left after dinner, big hit. apple and spice cake yum

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mandabears October 19, 2004
Apple Dumpling Cake