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Let me preface this by saying I do not understand the "custard cooked in apples" thing - really, it's the other way around - apples cooked in custard. That being said, I give it 3.5 or 4 stars as written, but 5 stars with the following adjustments:
-I added some sugar (about a Tablespoon, rounded) to the custard mixture. It seemed to me this part should be sweet for a dessert.
-I added a Tablespoon (I could see also using a teaspoon or two) of vanilla to the custard.
-I stuffed the insides of the apples with raisins (I could see nuts too, or a combination - the hollowed apples just seemed to call out for something inside). I could also see just slicing the apples as one reviewer did; I will try it that way next time.

Also, next time I will double the custard part because it seemed like mainly a lot of apple with a little custard around them. My family likes custard & it wouldve been really nice if there was even more, so I will make more with it next time.

I used a water bath with this. I'm not sure it was necessary, but I googles it & the consensus seemed to be to use a water bath for successful custard making so I did. I cannot comment on how it would've been without it.

Oh, I also used brown sugar since the recipe didn't specify and brown sugar just sounded better to me. I'm sure white sugar would be good too.

Thanks! :)

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JesusIsKing78 October 09, 2011

This recipe is gorgeous! It even worked when I had to use gluten-free flour and soy milk. I ended up slicing all the apples like in an apple pie, added a few teaspoons of vanilla in the milk mix, and topped it with a desicated coconut, cinammon and sugar sprinkle. It was perfect for the cold weather and EVERYONE loved it! THANKS!!!

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Cas May 30, 2006

I didnt care for this one too much. Maybe I overbaked it, but it came out tasting and had a texture of scrambled eggs. I thought perhaps it needed to be baked in a waterbath. Anyways I would like to thank you for the recipe:)

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chef FIFI May 15, 2004

Delicious, even though I had trouble with the apples not cooking right, I used Cameo apples as this is what I had on hand. DH Loved it. I belive that you could cut the apples up and it would work fine. I am going to buy some Macintosh apples and make it again. We love apples and this is another great way to fix them.

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Barb Gertz May 14, 2004
Apple Custard