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For the croutons I used Black Rye Bread (Abm) which had a nice amount of herbs. After reading the reviews I decided to place the Rough cut apple and onion in the food processor and pulse to small rough chop for quicker cooking. I did double the curry. This was delish! I loved spiciness and the sweetness a every so slight crunch. This is a must make for easiness and deliciousness. Thanks!

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Rita~ January 22, 2010

Good tasting chicken, but I had a problem with the cooking times. Just a tad under 1 1/2 hours. But, I have to say, that the flavors were excellent.5 chicken breast were used for me. Will probably make again with the adjusted cooking time. Made for Potluck tag.

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weekend cooker April 26, 2009

Having read the prior reviews, I took their suggestions under consideration and had a wonderful meal. As a person who tends towards strong flavors I used the full amount of seasoning for just two servings; mixed the herbs, spices and sugar together and brushed half on the chicken and used the remaining amount for the dressing. Although I did not saute ahead of time I agree with French Tart that that would improve the result as I felt mine were a bit too raw for my tastes. Like I'mPat I lifted the lid for the last 10 minutes and the croûtons were perfect. Moist and tender underneath and crispy crunchy on the top. The chicken, split breasts were perfectly cooked, moisted by there little blanket. Easy satisfying and low in added fat. Thanks KE.

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justcallmetoni November 15, 2008

This dish was nice and easy to put together but we were put off by the croutons being soggy (I got some on the top crispy by taking the lid of for the last 15 minutes). The chicken was very moist but I think I would add more curry powder as there was only a hint of it and the apple flavour was definately the predominant one. The cooking time was spot on and I had 6 halved boneless skinless breasts with a total weight of 800gms. Thank you Karen Elizabeth for giving us the opportunity to try you recipe. Made for New Potluck Game with iewe.

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I'mPat October 30, 2008

Chicken turned out a bit dry but that may be because we had a chicken emergency on our farm and had to chase 11 baby chicks around for half an hour, while the chicken in the oven was still baking. Tasted great. Got a thumbs up from the husband, too. :) Went great with baked potatoes and salad!

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Riaketty October 16, 2008

This was such a delicious flavour Karen - quite different and we both loved the addition of the croutons with the apples! It was a 5 star recipe with a 10 star flavour, however, I had a wee problem with the cooking times.....it took well over an hour in the end (1 hour 20 minutes) to cook, so that the apples and onions were done! I followed the recipe to the last detail, the chicken cooked before the apples and onions - so maybe next time I will just saute them first - what do you think? We had leftovers, which Malcolm has ear marked for lunch tomorrow!!! But, see the rating sytem - 4 stars means we LOVED it! I thoroughly recommend this recipe for several reasons - it is so EASY, a baked curry how easy is that? The flavour was out of this world and the ingredients are easy to source most times of the year! We ate it with steamed basmati rice and home-made chutney. Just watch the cooking times, it does need over an hour at 180C! Thanks so much Karen - made for PAC Autumn 2007. As you know, I am one of your biggest fans! FT:-)

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French Tart September 11, 2007
Apple Curry Chicken