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My daughter who is pretty fussy loved these...She has made sure that I have this in my cookbook so I can make them again. They are very moist. It also gives the house a nice smell when you are boiling the ingredients. Thank you I will keep this handy :)

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Janet W November 25, 2002

Hi dayla. These were wonderful!!! Very easy to make and oh so flavorful. Everyone just raved about them. I made a hard copy of this recipe and have put it in my "keeper" notebook. Thanks so much for sharing this. :-)

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Merlot October 01, 2002

These are excellent muffins! I made these as a gift to a girl who turned 7 today! She was soooooo happy with these muffins. It was little I could do to please the child, but she really loved them and I'm thankful to you for posting such a nice recipe. I was in a terrific hurry as I had to make a cake as well for her, and so, I did not keep the mixture of the first 7 ingredients to cool after boiling them. I added the hot mixture directly to the flour and baking soda. There was no problem absolutely. I did grease the muffin tins though as always. This will be a regular apple muffin now on, a zillion thanks to you for this recipe!

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Charishma_Ramchandani January 20, 2003

dayla, these are to die for! I frosted part of them with caramel frosting and called them cupcakes and left part of them plain and called them muffins. Such a versatile recipe and so easy to make. I did add some vanilla and chopped nuts because it just seemed to call for it. I am sure this will become one of my husband's hunting favorites too as they stay so moist for so long. Many thanks!!

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nanmatt September 30, 2002

I chose this recipe due to the majority of positive reviews, but I have to say unfortunately this is probably the worst muffin/cupcake recipe I have ever tried. I was suspicious of a recipe that did not include any eggs or milk, but thought I'd give it a try, and followed the recipe. By the time the batter was ready to go into the oven I was already wishing I had stuck to what I knew; the batter was incredibly thick and unlike anything I'd made before. The mixture did not rise at all in the oven or even flatten out; each cake is completely the same shapes as the dollop of batter that went into the oven. Also, all the cupcake cases are totally soaked in butter. I ended up cooking the cupcakes for about 45 minutes to see if they could be salvaged, but the tops just ended up burning while the insides have a stodgy, over-moist, greasy texture. I don't like leaving negative reviews but I was really disappointed by this recipe, and signed up so hopefully someone else won't have the same experience.

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briony84 October 09, 2012

Very moist - almost a little mushy - yes they were cooked enough. I made them with half whole wheat pastry flour and half white. They were a little too sweet ( I certainly wouldn't frost them) I would cut the sugar down by 1/4 of a cup.

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momaphet May 23, 2007

The muffins were very moist but as many other reviewers I found the spices a bit overwhelming. Will try this again some time with different amounts of spices. The recipe gave me 16 cupcakes.

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CoffeeMommy December 09, 2006

Wayyy too much butter!! They were about dripping with butter. They smelt very good but they were just so buttery that we couldnt even taste the apples! Sorry

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Ninnaa November 18, 2006

These are very nice muffins. Lovely and moist. I followed the recipe exactly except I didn't use ground cloves because I didn't have any. I would make these again using less spices (the cinnamon was a tiny bit too much especially). Thanks dayla :)

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Kellogs January 10, 2006

My husband and I both really enjoy these muffins. They are very moist. I added a little extra cinnamon, because I'm a cinnamon nut, other than that I followed the recipe. They're delicious.

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Jadelabyrinth August 24, 2005
Apple Cupcakes