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Updated Review: I finally made this recipe with the correct ingredients (cranberries, not blueberries). The combination of sweetness (apples) and tart cranberries was delicious. I'll be making this again, and may toss in some chopped nuts or raisins the next time. October 17, 2005 Review: I made this for a dinner party at a friend's house. I had to improvise a bit. I was not able to find cranberries during a last-minute trip to two food stores. After getting over my astonishment that cranberries were sold out and running out of time to make a dessert, I forged ahead with some frozen blueberries I had at home as a replacement. The result was wonderful. I'm looking forward to making this again with cranberries.

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Kathy :-( October 29, 2005

Great recipe! I only had frozen cranberries but they worked out very well. THe kids loved it, I loved the addition of allspice, which I would never have thought to putin this dish. I did have to bake a little longer than the recipe calls for, but other than that this is spot-on! Great dessert or even side dish to go with pork or roasted poultry!

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CHRISSYG September 26, 2005
Apple Cranberry Crunch