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I add apple juice instead of water. I also strain through a sieve so just the finest amount of pulp gets through. Somehow it just looks more like homemade. :-D If you boil for 2 minutes you will get a firmer jelly. I find the color to be pretty enough with out adding any dye. I agree this is an awesome way to use the cores and peels. I have been making it for a couple of years now. Great christmas presents. ;-)

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Jen H. September 26, 2004

If you use a candy thermometer and boil, stirring constantly, until the jelly reaches 220 degrees, you can be certain your jelly will set. Also, you can keep a small saucer in the freezer and pour a teaspoon full of jelly on it to see if it sets up. If you can run your finger through it and leave a clean trail after 30 seconds or so, your jelly will set.

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fluffymoonhair August 18, 2012

I made two batches of this. One batch set up pretty well but is still a bit "runny" and the other batch is still liquid. I plan to redo these using the recipe for Liquid Cement because the flavor is wonderful. From the runny batch, I will set a couple of jars back because its great on pancakes. I did add a couple of cinnamon sticks. The house smelled wonderful while I was making this. We are putting up some more applesauce this weekend and I plan on making more. I didn't really measure out the peels and cores I just sorta dumped in the scraps leftover from making applesauce but I had well over 7 cups of "juice" from each batch I did. I'm only giving it 4 stars because it didn't set up as well as jelly should.

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Cooking Mom of 7 May 24, 2011

I actually used the apple jelly directions from the pectin box (less sugar) but used the peels and cores left from making apple sauce. I used a little cinnamon stick and a few drops of red food coloring. Thanks so much for the inspiration to make this economical jelly.

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galponetta December 18, 2010

I made this jelly and the only thing I changed was to add cinnamon and it turned out fantastic.My husband informed me that is now his favorite jelly.He likes PB&J made with it and he says he looks forward to his lunch when I make this for him.He and I thank you.

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gale 57 November 07, 2010

We peeled & cored a lot more than 20 apples (prob'ly more like 60), so we just crammed all we could into two saucepans, filled them (mostly) with water--will leave more room next time, 'cause it still boiled over--and cooked for 30 minutes. In total, the two pots yielded 16 cups of liquid, so we split it into two pots (8 cups each) and added our pectin (57 grams, a little more than the recipe called for). And because we forgot how much time it takes to boil a huge pot of water for sterilizing the cans (I'd really make prepping that the first step), we ended up cooking the jelly a little (or a lot) longer than a minute, still very pleased with the results. The flavor is more subtle than most jams, but I like it. We added some cloves to one batch & cloves and a cinnamon stick to the other batch. We had a little extra that wasn't worth trying preserve, so we poured it into a bowl & it set in no time at all--and we just had some on toast. (Can you hear me smacking my lips?)

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anonymous23 October 17, 2010

This turned out great. I love that I can use the peels and cores...because my children don't eat the skins of apples yet so I can freeze them until I use them. Today though I used fresh ones because I was canning and it just made sense. I got 6 pints and a bit in the pan left over to taste. I ran it through a sieve so it was not as clear. I added 1 t. nutmeg, 1 T. cinnamon, 1/2 c. redhots, and 61/2 c. sugar. I kept the pectin the same though it was the no sugar needed kind (pink box). I boiled it for 2 min, and it is jelling very nicely. Great flavor. Thank you for a wonderful way to increase my yield...it will be great at Christmas as a gift. Third batch...this time no red hots, instead used 6 1/2 c. sugar and replaced 4 c. of the water with apple raspberry juice. The color is still pretty though not as red.

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farmchick #2 December 09, 2009

This is the BEST recipe. I canned 1 1/2 bushels of apples--pie filling sauce etc and hated composting the peelings. This recipe solves this problem. It is delicious and super duper easy. I made over 20 pints and will be giving them as gifts! Everyone who tastes it thinks it is the best they have ever tasted--You owe it to yourself to try this recipe!

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andreasongeyneff November 24, 2009

I am going to go ahead and give this a rating now since I still need to give it time to set, but have already tasted it and ohhh my goodness! I did alter it just a bit since I wanted to give this in Christmas Baskets, I added 1 tsp each of cinnamon, nutmeg, and ground cloves. It is so great being able to use what I would normally throw away, and after draining the juices from it I felt comfortable that putting it into the compost pit would be safe and I wouldn't have a bunch of apple trees growing there come spring. Thank You for a wonderful recipe.

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Chabear01 October 05, 2009

Most of mine didn't set right away, but when I researched the pectin it said setting could take up to 2 weeks & every single jar set up in that time period. Just be patient & you can save the trouble of re-boiling. I liked the concept of using up the things I would normally toss when making apple butter, but the flavor isn't tops for me. I made some with the addition of red hots but that didn't do it either. I don't think it is the recipe, just my own taste buds. Great idea & if you like apple jelly, well worth the effort.

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CharTrev March 29, 2009
Apple Core and Peeling Jelly