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This cake was very good. My husband gave it a 3 1/2, one DD gave it a 3 and the other DD gave it a 5! I liked that it was easy to mix and was just the perfect amount for breakfast with a bit left over for snack later. I've got a lot of apples to use up, so I'll be making this again soon! I used a scant cup of sugar, and baked it in a 9" round cake pan. Next time I'll probably use 1/2 c applesauce and 1/4 cup of oil to lessen the calories, and make it a bit more moist, since it was a bit crumbly and not as moist as I expected. The aroma of snickerdoodles filled the house while it was baking, but we all thought that saying it tasted like snickerdoodle crumbles with apples thrown in was a stretch.

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muffin-maker March 25, 2009
Apple Coffee Cake