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tried these for breakfast.. delicious.. after I add some walnuts to them they will be excellent!. We don't do sugar, and you can't find a yellow cake mix with pudding mix that is sugar free, (at least, not around here) so, I bought a yellow sugar free cake mix AND a sugarfree vanilla pudding mix and mixed them both in the recipe. I also used splenda mixed with the cinnamon on top. It takes quite a bit more, but it did work.. I didn't have the apples, but I did have a can of 'fried' apples which I drained and chopped up. worked fine! I wonder if using the apple juice from the can in place of the milk would work,, and give it more flavor? Great recipe! Thanks! Hope you don't mind me playing with your recipe... I love experimenting!

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Lou November 22, 2012

very good! I mixed up a little whipped cream cheese & sugar & put dollops in the middle ....turned out great! thanks for the recipe!

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Laurie H. October 24, 2015

This sounds amazing and I can't wait to make it. However, when I went shopping for cake mix, I could only find the 15 1/4 oz package. Do you have a brand that makes the 19 1/4 oz box?

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Murphy'sCrawdad March 24, 2015
Apple Cinnamon Sugared Muffins (From a CAKE MIX!)