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I made this for DH and DD as I do not eat oatmeal. They were very happy with it. DH said it was many times better than the instant stuff out of the packages. They both added more brown sugar. This smelled so good that I even tried a bite. Nope, still don't like oatmeal. I didn't add more brown sugar to mine, I will try it next time. I think this could be the recipe to convert me. I did like that it was creamy and not lumpy like normal oatmeal. I cut back on the water after reading other reviews. I used 3 1/2 cups. This is a very easy recipe. I loved that it ready for my DH to take to work and an hour later was ready for DD, saving my time in the AM. My DH even asked how to make it and he doesn't cook. If he thinks he can do it anyone can. Thank you for a easy, time saving recipe that my family liked and looks forward to having again.

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cookee monster March 04, 2008

This is a great recipe! I used 5 apples instead of 2 and increased the cinnamon to 1 1/2 tsp. Think baked apples with oatmeal topping! I might add a handful of raisins too next time. Loved the consistency and texture of the oatmeal, not too thick or too mushy. Very quick and easy to put together at the end of the day. I can see this becoming part of my regular breakfast routine. Excellent!

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Marsha4119 November 05, 2012

If I could give this 10 stars, I would! This is BY FAR the best oatmeal I've ever had or made (and I have some REALLY good oatmeal recipes)! It's like eating a healthy dessert for breakfast. I added 3/4 c raisins to the apple mixture, which turned out great. They were plump, sweet and juicy little gems among the cinnamony, sweet apples and warm comfort-food oatmeal. YUM YUM YUM!!

I can see how this (and any overnight) recipe can go wrong if your crock pot runs hot, which is very common. I have two crock pots: a 3 qt round one that's about 20 years old, and a giant 6 qt oval one that's fairly new. I would never make this in the new one - it runs too hot and would burn a more delicate recipe like this in a few hours (even on low). I made this in the 20-year-old crock pot, on low for 8 hours, and it came out perfect.

FYI, It's 5 WW PPV as written/6 PPV with the 3/4 c raisins.

Thanks for my new favorite recipe!

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Amy020 October 12, 2011

This was terrific. Had some unexpected overnite company and all of us needed to be up early and out the door. Put this together at about midnight and was good to go at 6 AM. I did start it with hot water and on the high setting for the first 1/2 hour then turned to low. Because I only had red delicious apples, I added 1 Tbls of lemon juice to the apple mixture, increased salt to 1/2 tsp, decreased water to 3 3/4 C, sprinkled on some raisins and added a large pat of butter. Stirred really well before serving. We ate it with milk and just a drizzle of real maple syrup. Delicious!! I did spray the slow cooker before loading so clean up was easy.

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dosercl_11567129 December 16, 2014

So sorry, was disappointed in this recipe. Found this to be sweet, mushy, crusty on the edges and real mushy in the middle. Made as written using old fashion oats and cooking 8 hours (just as written). Maybe a third apple and the use of steel cut oats?? Made for An Apple A Day tag game 2009.

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Debbwl October 03, 2009

Very nice recipe - easy and so nice to have a hot cereal ready when you get up in the morning. I followed another reviewers advise and added nugmeg, cloves and vanilla and it was lovely, the texture was fine with a really nice crust on top - we loved it. The only change I'd make next time is to remember to spray the crockpot as I really had to do some scrubbing after breakfast. Thanks Boyz5 for a fast, easy and tasty breakfast.

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Bonnie G #2 February 02, 2008

This is exactly the type of recipe I've been searching for to get my kids off the packaged oatmeal and eating the "real" stuff - they woke up to such a sweet smell, and immediatly wanted to eat!! My kids actually ate something healthy and I didn't have to fight them!! I used a cinnamon spice mix of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and it really upped the "yum" factor. And as a bonus, my DH ate it, too! I'll experiment with the different fruits as I expect this to be the preferred breakfast through the upcoming fall and winter seasons!! Great recipe!!

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CristyLyn September 15, 2006

The best oatmeal in the world. Now DH and I hesitate when thinking of having our oatmeal any other way. I substituted brown sugar with Splenda, and of the various apples I've tried (yes, we've been having this several days in a row now!)tart ones like Granny Smith are the best, and cut into biggish chunks. What we don't eat at one breakfast I reheat the next day without any loss of quality. I have also added raisins to this, jumbo Thompson's are my favourite. I don't find this complete without some milk (rice, soy, canned,or regular)when serving it out. This method of preparation raises oatmeal to a whole new level. What a find!

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woodland hues February 19, 2006

I used three Granny Smith apples, and followed the recipe exactly otherwise. I cooked it in an old fashioned ceramic crockpot which cooks slower than my new one and the end result was delicious! Can't wait to make it again. Love!!

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Anna L. April 19, 2016

Used old fashioned oats and made as directed. However, the mixture was far too mushy/sticky for my liking - I like more of a grainy, chewy texture to my oatmeal. I'm sure this appeals to a lot of people though - tastes like apple pie.

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Shazzie September 30, 2013
Apple-Cinnamon Overnight Oatmeal