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*Reviewed for ZWT6 Whine and Cheese Gang* I agree- definitely a 5 star muffin. These would have to be the best gluten-free muffin that I have ever made. My non-gluten-free husband and youngest daughter didn't even pick them as gluten-free. They smelt wonderful baking in the oven....and were barely out of the oven and they were being eaten. I'm not sure on the muffin tin size- I made 8 muffins. I think had I used the tins known as "Texas Muffin Pans'" here in Australia that I probably would have had 5 muffins. I did need to add some extra liquid to the muffin mix and slightly more oil to the crumble mix. I used almond meal instead of the ground cashews. These muffins will definitely be made again. Photos also to be posted

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**Jubes** May 30, 2010

Had to go out & buy some brown rice flour & after that followed the recipe right on down ~ ABSOLUTELY GREAT TASTING MUFFINS! I used cashews all the way around & the topping is very, very nice! Made for a satisfying breakfast (along with a smoothie, of course)! [Tagged, made & reviewed in the Ramadan Recipe Tag 2009]

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Sydney Mike August 23, 2009

I used my own gf mix, eggs, 1 large apple and olive oil (and almond meal). I mixed the br. sugar in with the wet ingredients though. Instead of not having enough liquid, I felt it had too much. They made 18 (on the smaller side, but not mini's) and I had to let them cool completely before handling, as they were really moist and delicate. They were not heavy at all though. Couldn't tell that they were gf. I might try adding a little flax meal next time to see if that firms them up a bit. Otherwise, they turned out very good. Just seems odd that Jubes had to add liquid and only made 8 muffins. I wonder if the recipe got messed up in the transition?

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WI Cheesehead October 15, 2010
Apple Cinnamon Muffins With Crumble Topping (Gluten-Free)