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We enjoyed it, very easy to make. It didn't say but I greased and floured the pan, and I followed the other comments and hand mixed it by mixing the eggs, then adding the mix cake mix and pie filling. Thanks nursevb! Made for Help a Naked Recipe game.

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Buzymomof3 September 07, 2012

I made this for guests last night and it was a HUGE hit! I added some cinnamon to the dry cake mix as suggested, and I mixed the batter by hand to keep the apple pieces intact. I baked in a bundt pan (took 42 mins), and before serving topped it with the caramel glaze from Diane's Fresh Apple Cake With Caramel Glaze. SO easy and delicious! I will definitely make this again!

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Chef Argyle March 26, 2011

I really liked this. I will say after reading reviews about apple texture I opted not to use the mixer to avoid breaking down the apples. My girls complained so next time, I will surely use the mixer. I did add a generous handful of walnuts and even my mother in law liked it. Super simple. Great go-quick dessert option. I will definitely make this again.

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SMH January 29, 2011

How much easier can it possibly get? Outstanding recipe! My apples were nicely distributed and not too chopped up at all. However I used "Comstock Apple Pie Filling" which contains more apples than other brands. Thanks for such an easy, good dessert. I served it with a dab of 'French Vanilla Cool Whip".

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Koechin (Chef) February 18, 2010

I made this a few months ago and I cant believe that I didnt rate it or add it to my collection! I was craving something sweet and comforting, but also simple... this was just what I was looking for! The only change I made was that I added a little cinnamon to the cake mix. YUMMY! I will definitely make this again, and again, and again!!

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Lola926 January 24, 2010

I made this cake today for company tomorrow. I HAD to take a bite out of the corner to see what I thought though. I used a spice cake mix, and was afraid it might be too spicy, but OMG! It tastes SO good! I may use another can of apple pie filling for a topping, along with some whipped cream. OR, I may top it with some cream cheese frosting, OR, I may just leave it as it is, it's so good! I also think it would be great with some pumpkin pie filling on top! I did try mixing the cake w/o the apple filling because I wanted some apple chunks in it, but the mix got so thick I had to add them anyway. I think it turned out great regardless. I like the idea of mixing it by hand like another reviever suggested next time. In any case, this is a very good, easy dessert! There are so many things you could do with it! One of my favorite cake mixes used to be a Betty Crocker(?) Cinnamon Swirl cake mix. They quit making it. I swirled this cinnamon/sugar mix through this cake, and I think it's almost as good as the cake mix that I can't find anymore! I used to use a caramel frosting on that one. I only bake a cake like this maybe twice a year, so I don't care how many calories, or how much sugar is in it, I want it to be great, like this cake is! Thanks so much for posting it!

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MailbagMary January 02, 2010

So simple and good! I didn't use a mixer so the apples would be chunky. Tasted great with ice cream. Nice, easy dessert! Thanks

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tinker :0) November 14, 2009

this cake was very simple and very delicious. i mixed this up with a large spoon rather than a mixer in order to keep the apple pieces in larger chunks. after cooling, i glazed the cake with a simple lemon icing. very moist and flavorful. i'll be making this again.

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krista harberson September 04, 2009

Talk about simple! The cake was very moist and tasted good. I found the apple pie filling got chopped up a bit too much during the mixing. I would have liked bigger chunks of apple in the cake. I used a No Name cake mix and I think it gave the cake a "fake" taste if that makes sense. Next time I make this I will use a brand name mix and see if it makes a difference. All in all though, its a very good recipe and definitely a quick dessert. Topped it with real whipped cream. Will make again. Thx nursevb8.

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mums the word November 22, 2008

This is SO great for being SO easy. You'd never know it was from a cake mix. I made two loaf cakes instead of one 13 x 9 cake; I just added a few minutes to bake time. It came out so moist and delicious plus it's low fat to boot. (I sliced each cake into 6 slices, so got 12 serving out of the recipe.) Thanks much!

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Karen=^..^= November 04, 2008
Apple/Cinnamon Cake With 5 Ingredients