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I made this recipe exactly as is, except I used a teaspoon of real sugar because I don't like asparteme. I DID use the 1/4 cup of cayenne. I also made it a second time, and I ran out of cayenne pepper, so I used 1/4 cup of "Franks Red Hot" instead. I can see how this would kill germs. Next time I get sick I will remember to make this. It was unusual in taste. Like a "spicy Lemon-Zinger" tea. The cayenne pepper really cleans out your sinus without being obnoxiously hot. I would highly recommend this for: Head Colds, Chest congestion, ear infections, and influenza.

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Mimi Bobeck March 06, 2003

I would like to try this as apple cider vinegar has amazing health benefits. However, there is no way that the recipe could really call for 1/4 cup of cayenne pepper! What is the correct amount?

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Pete the Cheat May 28, 2002

I DID NOT USE 1/4 CUP POWDERED CAYENNE (or 1/8 cup powdered), maybe the recipe means whole cayenne peppers? I used as much as I could handle and left most of it in the bottom of the pan on pouring into my mug and it was still HOT!! I changed the quantity of water as I covered it. I do not think the recipe was pointing to aspartame like another reviewer and since I am not vegan I used a raw honey (not the same as unpasteurised which still may be heated for filtering!) after the time on the burner was done. I used an organic apple cider vinegar which is the only kind I think has health properties, common kind in regular grocers are just flavoured. I prefer to bring the water to a simmer and then add that to a slice of lemon with raw honey and cayenne to taste in my mug and steep for 10-15 minutes. I feel there are some issues with this recipe hence a star being dropped off. My result was good but I didn't follow proportions. I doubt I will try this again.

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UmmBinat December 20, 2010
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