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Everyone loved this at our seder last night. Lots of picky eaters and even my day who claims to hate brisket went back for seconds. I forgot to get apple cider so I used apple juice that I had on hand. No rosemary because DH doesn't like it. I also didn't bother browning it or cooking the onions b4 hand. I'm not good at following directions LOL. I just put the onion and garlic in the roasting pan with the thyme and then placed the brisket on top (I used a 5 pound one) I rubbed the molassas over the brisket and poured over enough apple juice to almost cover the meat. I put it in the oven and after 1.5 hours I flipped the meat and gave it a stir. I had LOTS of gravy but its wonderful. We hardly had any meat leftover and my daugher ate it for lunch. When I went to toss the gravy both my kids told me not to. They want to keep it for the rest of the left over mashed potatoes for lunch 2morrow. I am sure I'll make this again, and my mom even asked for the recipe. Thanks for posting.

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Ilysse April 10, 2009

Today I am making this for the fifth time. Everyone loves it, including myself and I am not a fan of meat dishes normally. I have always served it after cooking, never refrigerated and served the next day, but I may try it next time. It's very easy and great when you have a small ary to feed at holidays.

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Mel P. January 07, 2014
Apple Cider Brisket