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These are absolutely awesome and taste just like those expensive apple chips you can buy in the stores. I used a mandolin to make super thin slices (2 mm) and sliced my Granny Smiths right into a bowl of Fruit Fresh and water to keep them from getting brown. The only thing I had problems with was getting the apples off the parchment. I would highly recommend turning the slices over while they are still a bit pliable then letting them finish drying, because they *will* stick like the dickens. I didn't think to turn them until they were already crispy, and by then the parchment was also crispy and brittle. Most of them came off okay but I ended up with a lot of ripped parchment and apple fragments. That being said, the end result was totally worth the effort. Light, crispy chips with just the right amount of sweetness - they couldn't be better! Next time I may try tossing a cinnamon stick into the simple syrup. Thanks for posting - I never would have dreamed making my own apple chips would be so easy!

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Chilicat May 17, 2009

I followed your recipe and they turned out great! The only difference I made was to add some cinnamon! Thanks for the recipe!!!

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kimmykaboom_9972916 October 09, 2010

Even with some heavy modifications they still turned out. I only used about 1/8 cup sugar and probably went a little heavy on the lemon juice, and they still tasted good. I had meant to make extra to take to school but both trays disappeared while watching a movie, if that's any testament to the success. :) I used baking paper, and as long as I popped up the pieces right after coming out of the oven (thanks for the tip, Chilicat!), they didn't stick at all. Next time I would add cinnamon.

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lindseyv October 30, 2009

this is a hectic recipe it worked gud except 4 the fact that i used pears instead of appples. ill give u a tip dont use pears another tip dont try and coook this if u dont know how 2

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christopher.dellosa November 14, 2004

I followed the recipe precisely, but these did not come out well for me.

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Jeffsmom September 07, 2004

A very easy recipe to follow. Made it twice with green apples (7) and once with red (1). I used a slicer (with the lemon water in the catchment box under the slicer) so my pieces came out 1/24. Soaked it in the syrup for about 10 mins and baked till really dry. Lovely! It is VERY IMPORTANT to use parchment paper as I had to throw away two baking sheets worth of chips as they got stuck. Oh, I did not core the apples as I am absolutely hopeless with a corer. The slices looks lovely without the huge hole in the middle.

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V'nut-Beyond Redemption August 30, 2004
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