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I added extra nutmeg to this recipe by suggestion of my food snob in Israel daughter. She also suggested that I omit the orange juice and use some orange rind over the top of the crust. I wish I had added more because I don't really taste it. I also used the left over wine that I drained from the apples and substituted some of the cream ( I used half and half) with the wine. Mix it quickly or it will curdle. I ony used less than 1/4 cup. I like the taste of this dish, but I think it is really better when it is warmed up.

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food snob mom October 15, 2008

There is a MAJOR direction issue with the way the recipe is written. I cooked this EXACTLY as instructed and took it out of the oven and the EXACT temp written after 45 min EXACTLY. The top WAS a golden brown and crisp looking but when I shook it, I could tell it was not done in the center. Hoping that it would firm up (it did SLIGHTLY) in the 15 minutes of "setting" time, I left it out, only to have an unbaked cream float all about after attempting to cut the pie. After cooking it an additional 20-30 min, I was able to jiggle it without seeing any ripples beneith the surface and let it set in the oven (turned off) for even longer to take off some of the excess liquid. Only after an additional 45 minutes did I take it out and give it a cut and saw the eggy/creamy omlet type toping and know that it was done. After this VERY MAJOR problem was resolved the flavor and texture was really very provencial French. I used a semi-dry red wine (made it a second time using champagne), which gave it a really elegant warm highlight and I also used bottled fresh orange juice instead of squeezing my own. In addition, I used whole wheat flour instead of all-purpose flour and a LOT of additional nutmeg, as per my tastes. Due to a timing snafoo, I had to refridgerate the crust and the already drained apple (seperately and covered in the fridge) for several hours before putting the pieces together and cooking. That all turned out just fine! Really lovely and filling and elegant. Just elegant. Suitable for the fanciest of dinner parties! The second time I made it, friends mistook the apple for onion. The onion is barely distinguishable, actually.

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Food Snob in Israel July 14, 2007
Apple Cheddar Pie With Sweet Potato Crust