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First salad I have given 5 stars! I really enjoyed this combination, and the dressing was very complimentary. Typically I end up not even useing the dressing given in a recipe with a salad. I usually hate "oily vinegrettes" but this one was lovely! Sweet with a nice tang. Since there are only two of us I simply used a bag of mixed feild greens and divided up the ingredients into two salad bowls (eyeballing the ammounts) and served the dressing on the side (halved the recipe). All I had on hand were raw cachews so I toasted them a little and all was well. I would make this again!

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Nikoma April 17, 2010

I really loved this. I have never had a salad quite like this, and I must tell you that this is the first time that I have enjoyed dressing on my salad. I have been eating salads since i was a kid, and I have never used dressing. I was daring and decided to use this dressing, and I must tell you that I loved it!! I used the raw onion (which I probably shouldnt have done with my stomach!! lol) but it was so little that i didnt think it would hurt too much. The dressing was very sweet and delightful along with the spinach and the cheese and cashews. The apples were such a wonderful addition to this recipe. I recommend this recipe to anyone who thinks they dont like dressing or salads... this is definitely a mind changer hehe Ive never thought about putting apples on a salad... what a wonderful thing! :-) I used cheddar cheese because Im not a huge fan of swiss. I also used a mixture of fresh greens, and loads of fresh baby spinach (I love spinach!!!) I cut the recipe down a lot, because 12 servings is just way too much for 2 lol Thanks for this recipe! I cant wait to make this again!

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love4culinary October 24, 2003

I used a mixture of spinach and spring mix, granny smith apple, and gouda cheese and made a third of the recipe. It was a very lovely salad and we enjoyed the change of pace. I must not have tossed the salad well enough as I encountered pockets of sugar which was detracting. I would probably enjoy it more with less sugar in the dressing. I omitted the onion in the dressing because I didn't feel like worrying about a teaspoon of onion, but I bet it adds to the dressing. Thanks for sharing. Made for Best of 2013 tag.

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GibbyLou February 23, 2014

I loved this combination! It's easy, yet not the same-old kind of spinach salad. I made this just as written, using gala apples. I used swiss cheese from a block and just cut small slivers from it. Thanx for posting this great salad!

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*Parsley* May 13, 2013

Made this using romaine lettuce and mixed baby greens that had alot of spinach in it. I used cheddar cheese as that's what I had on hand. I used honey roasted peanuts and loved them in this salad. Great dressing too. Much enjoyed and made for Sun and Spice event in the North African Middle East forum. Thanks!

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Sharon123 February 04, 2013
Apple & Cashew Salad