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Not worth the work of removing teh core from the apple. When I cut the apples the the filling just fell out. It was a very tasty filling though, but it would have been a lot easier just to cut up the apples normally and put the filling on top.

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hungry4more March 30, 2007

These were a huge hit at our house. My daughter and I were making supper together and she chose these to make for dessert. My husband and I loved these so much we made a few more for ourselves for snacks!! We uses craisens instead of raisens because my daughter doesn't like raisens.

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*Monica* September 04, 2006

Wow, I can't believe that I have never rated this. I found and made this recipe about 1 1/2 years ago but just never reviewed it. I'm very sorry that it has taken me so long to review it. It was an absolutely wonderful recipe that I used for a client of mine who was trying to loose a little weight. When I would make them for her I would always eat any left overs that I would have, and then I just started making my own batches. I made this recipe religiously for atleast 6 monthes, and ate one of these apples everything morning before my run. I love this recipe! Thanx for posting!

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MizEmerilLagasse April 29, 2006

Oh Miss Erin, DO try these!! Wow!!! I made these to serve at my son's 9th birthday party recently, and they were a hit! I brushed the surfaces after cutting with diluted lemon juice to prevent discoloration. These kept so well, wrapped tightly in plastic, that I was able to enjoy them for the next couple of days - YUM! I found that it's important to be sure the chocolate chips are very finely chopped, as the larger chunks are a bit of a surprise, especially when chilled. Also, being from Michigan originally, I am a big fan of cherries, so I substituted dried cherries for the raisins, with fabulous results. I'm SO glad you posted this recipe, Miss Erin! We're adding this to our file of keepers.

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Barbara Steele February 02, 2003

My kids loved these! The only thing I might do different would be to cut the recipe in half since we dont eat that many apples at a time. I am sure the kids will ask for these again soon.

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Amy D October 28, 2002
Apple Cartwheels