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These finger sandwiches have a delicate flavor, we liked the crunchiness of the nuts! Good luck in the contest!

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katie in the UP August 27, 2007

My first time making finger sammiches. I took them to work and everybody loved them and wanted the recipe. Nice for lunch or snacks.

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Noreaster August 26, 2007

These make nice, different tea sandwiches which I enjoyed. I liked the crunch of the apples and carrot mixed with the creaminess of the cream cheese. I didn't add any of the milk since my low fat cream cheese was quite creamy already and the milk would have made it a little runny. I think the filling would also be excellent on graham crackers. Good luck in RSC #10!

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LUv 2 BaKE August 25, 2007

i WANTED to like this recipe. it was different and made from ingredients i normally keep on hand. i even thought i might be able to sneak some variety into the kids this way. the kids rejected it, but thats normal. i found it too light on flavor, there just wasn't anything that jumped out as distinguishing. i also found the flavor a bit challenging for a finger/tea sandwich. after trying the recipe as prescribed, i added some crushed pineapple and spread on salty crispy bagle toast. the addition of pineapple seemed to "finish" the dish (odd that it was not included since it is a contest ingredient) and i found the salty crispness of the cracker to be a much better base for the chicken salad. chef, this is SOOOO close to being fabulous. it just needs a few tweaks. i'll be happy to re-review if you make any changes after the contest.

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gourmetmomma August 25, 2007

I did a half batch of these & loved them. I made them for my toddler daughter hoping to sneak some veggies into her but unfortunately she didn't like them, lucky I did. I tried these on sandwiches and also spread in some mountain bread as a roll-up, nice both ways. The best part is the mixture can be made ahead, will keep for a few days no problem. I'm keeping this recipe to make pinwheel sanwiches for a function coming up. Thanks for posting!

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**Mandy** August 24, 2007

Delicious. Flavorful without being excessively sweet. I enjoyed this and my kids enjoyed this. Both the 7yo and the baby wanted MORE. I’ll make this recipe again with a few changes that would make it a 5-star. I know that its correct for tea sandwiches to be rather pale, but IMO, using an unpeeled, deep red apple would make a prettier mix. And it would be easier to mix if the cream cheese were blended with the milk, sugar, and cinnamon before mixing with the chunky stuff. Additionally, the amount of bread should be specified and a pinch of salt might be desirable. I used 8 slices of wheat bread for 4 complete sandwiches (cut in quarters for 16 tea sandwiches), and had exactly enough left to fill a 6-inch wrap. BTW – I made one sandwich with a thin slice of ham because I thought the flavors would go well and it made a delicious variation.

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3KillerBs August 24, 2007

These were very good. Easy to put together. I know the intent of the recipe is to have a sweet taste, but I think adding just a little red onion would give it a little more zing. Loved the crunch of the apples and pecans. I did not use anything low fat as I didnt have it on hand and they came out jut fine. Nice creation for the contest. Good luck!

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Kelly M. August 24, 2007

I thought that these little tea sandwiches were excellant. They were tasty, refreshing, lite, quick and easy to make and had great flavor. I made mine with white bread, they were so yummy, and looked pretty too. I especially loved the addition of the pecans and cinnamon. Great use of contest ingredients, Good Luck.

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Baby Kato August 24, 2007

I really enjoyed this recipe, and thought it was so good. I did think however, and I may be the only one saying this, that this recipe was decadent. Anything with cream cheese, and I love cream cheese, is decadent for me. I am, thoughn unsure about the pecans. It seemed out of place for me, even though it was part of the RSC ingredient list.

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Studentchef August 24, 2007

For how simple these were, I did not expect such a wonderful complex flavor; terrific use of SIX RSC#10 contest ingredients as you can taste all of them! And surprise...these taste fattening (like they have mayo in them?) while actually being quite light. These dainty bites would be perfect on a tea tray as something different to complement chicken, tuna and egg sandwiches. One recipe fits perfectly with a loaf of Pepperidge Farm Very Thin sliced bread which has 30 slices per loaf. I brought these to a real estate open house and a huge platter of 60 sandwich triangles (double recipe) got eaten!

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FLKeysJen August 24, 2007
Apple Carrot Finger/Tea Sandwiches