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Fabulous! I was looking for a way to use up some of my crock pot apple butter, and I got a delicious muffin recipe that all 5 of my kiddos love! The were quite heavy - I was worried at first they might not be completely cooked in the middle - but they were simple moist and yummy!!

*I did double the recipe and almost added TWO (15oz.) cans of evaporated milk (that's the normal size cans around here). Good thing I doubled checked - the recipe only calls for 5 ounces! I put in the 10oz for a double batch and the muffins turned out GREAT!

I also added in two large apples, peeled & diced. You could also add in raisins, nuts....whatever strikes your fancy! Thank you for such a great recipe!

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*Michigan Momma* September 11, 2010

The subtle flavors of the apple butter really come out in this recipe. The muffins%u2013 besides being delicious%u2013 are soft and cake like, not dry at all. I baked these in mini muffins pans for 10 - 15 minutes, yielding 44 muffins. The muffins puffed up to have small domes so I filled each cup with more batter than the recipe recommended.

I made two changes to the recipe%u2013 I substituted half the sugar for brown sugar and instead of evaporated milk I poured in a little whole milk. Next time would love to add almonds or walnuts.

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Rocket K. October 24, 2010

Very tasty! I agree with other reviewers - they don't puff up at all, so don't overfill the cups or you'll have a mess. I added a couple of chopped apples (which I highly recommend) and still only wound up with 18 muffins. But the theyr'e very yummy:)

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SummerAlyssa September 04, 2010

Yummmm!!!! Loved these muffins!! I only made half the batch and they filled my 24 mini muffin pan fine. No they didn't turn out pretty but sometimes those are the ones that taste the best. I added pecans to some of the muffins for me and they were great! Thanks for sharing this recipe...I will be making these again!

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RLackey October 26, 2010

Really great and helped me to use up some apple butter! I substituted buttermilk for the condensed milk and further helped me clean out the fridge! Very tasty and will make again.

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Ty's Kitchen May 03, 2010

These were delicious. Sent a dozen to my daughter in college, and her roomies asked for more. I substituted whiskey for the vanilla and added walnuts. Used my own homemade apple butter. Will be making again. Thank you for a great recipe.

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LolaG November 03, 2007

These were so delicious moist and tender. They reminded me of a gingerbread without the peppery ginger, no doubt the result of my well spiced apple butter. As is my usual, I made a reduced fat version replacing 2 tbsp of butter for more apple butter, 2 egg whites for the egg and fat-free evaporated milk. The apple butter gives so much moistness, no one was the wiser. (Next time I will use even less.) My one caution is the muffins are on the small side, not even rising to the top of the muffin pans after baking. I kept them small for points purposes, WW that is, but were I serving them otherwise, I would have made 18 muffins with this batter. Thanks acerast.

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justcallmetoni September 15, 2007

I followed directions except increasing the baking powder to 3 t as reviewers suggested. These were good, and were eaten by everyone. They are simple and sweet, I can see how apples diced inside would be good. But I had no rising problems, I stirred gently for the final folding and the batter puffed up.

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Demandy September 21, 2014

Yummy! I used peach butter since that's what I had (we live in Amish country and I bought it on impulse only to discover I didn't have any ideas for using it all up!), and I doubled the baking powder and baking soda. The end result was a really light and lovely muffin that semi-collapsed during the baking. Guess I should have just doubled the the baking powder and not the soda. They still taste excellent. My hubby says he really likes them and he asked me to add pieces of peach next time, so that will be my next variation. Thanks so much for sharing! We loved them!

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Lisa Gay January 26, 2014

These were delicious! Mine did not rise whatsoever, but they were baked all the way through. Maybe my evaporated milk measurement wasnt quite right... my can was 12 oz. and so I just measured out the 5 oz. with a measuring cup. I might also try increasing the baking powder to 3 t., like another reviewer suggested. At any rate, I will definitely be making again because the kids loved them. Thank you for the recipe!

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Munchkin Mama February 24, 2013
Apple Butter Muffins